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  1. Agreed. Let’s hope the Owner knows his club history and a worthy tribute of a club Legend (in the true sense of the word) is given. RIP Terry.
  2. Find a new hobby you miserable sod................
  3. Exactly. If you are playing for a Manager like Pearson and "try" one week and turn it in the next you won't be playing very many games over the course of a season, if any. It's more a case of "intelligent" one week and "headless chicken" the next. His issues are technical/tactical and simply a case of he has to get better/more consistent in his role.
  4. Notice our U23’s showed the Few that it is possible to get a win against National League South opponents this evening.
  5. As long as they wear masks and helmets they’ll be fine and it will be character building playing at Chernobyl.
  6. That would be National League South Hungerford Town who play in the same league as Havant and Waterlooville……… If Joey needs an extra competitive game next week we could send our 23’s up the Mem.
  7. Absolute rubbish. Teflon is just who you need in a crisis, the sort of bloke who you want stood next to you in the trenches. He's the guy who leads everyone over the top of the trenches without a second thought. A leader, an out and out warrior, someone who takes everything on the chin himself as long as his troops aren't under fire. No amount of money you pay a man like him can be too much. Just ask Ipswich fans if you don't believe me.....
  8. Might be wrong but think some of you are being hard on Preston......... It will be interesting to see how Rooney reacts if you are all correct with Derby.
  9. You would have thought after last season that more caution would have been exercised but nope, HMS Piss The League has the keys in the ignition (they certainly wouldn't be able to afford a push button starter out there).
  10. I notice that HMS Piss The League is due to set sail out of port again..........12 months ago was just a trial run. Minimum 20 goals but likely to be more seems to be the cast iron guarantee that Brett comes with.
  11. I'm guessing you wanted Shakespeare in then....................
  12. The majority of changes of management in the history of football end up being jobs for the boys simply because they like to work with their own backroom staff. David Rennie is "jobs for the boys" as is Danny Simpson, Matty James and Andy King. As long as those boys are better than the boys they are replacing then no issue with that. If he is we'd better buy a few more lorry loads of balls...................
  13. It seems that we have these ******* at every club these days. Does he know more about coaching than Dean Smith then? If it does happen then Curtis Fleming has landed right on his feet I would have thought?
  14. I broadly agree. I think the Scottish team in Glasgow are a decent outfit who would be challenging automatic in the Championship/struggling Premiership whereas the Irish mob are very ordinary and certainly not the standard that many of their deluded fans think they are. I think they'd win the League of Ireland though to be fair to them.
  15. I understand people who have had the "life sucked out of them" by three to four years of absolutely dire football, particularly at Ashton Gate where our record over that period is atrocious if you are honest about it (and matched by the performances too). Similarly if people aren't confident yet to venture into large gatherings then that is also understandable. I think Nige knows what he needs to do but it would help the cause if fans can show a little bit more patience and not vent their frustration of years of gradual decline in performance (some, not all, of us judge by more than what the league table says on a Sunday morning) on him. It will take time imo but we are seeing some improvements in fitness and strength already. To get consistently improved performances will take a while to achieve. I would have thought 18K absolute tops for Blackpool but would be pleasantly surprised to be wrong.
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