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  1. Give them 250…….. get their huge away support average down below 7,000 or whatever they claim it is atm……….
  2. A&S Police are being obstructive generally tbf. We asked for more tickets for Bournemouth who we have no history of trouble with and they authorised and extra 100
  3. I will talk about the previous CEO until the cows come home as it’s that bastard that has ruined this club for the foreseeable future. You can keep Pearson, sack Pearson do whatever but this is a long term fix and people had better get their heads round that.
  4. Absolutely, an Owner who wanted to take a back seat has literally let a couple of bullshitters ruin the club in the short to medium term and had the ******* cheek to tell supporters who could see it all unraveling that they were talking shite.
  5. Of course they can but it just gets a bit repetitive with you tbh. What does he do that makes him so awful at his job? You don’t consider the restraints that the Owner has put in place and you don’t consider who is both available and could do a better job. You don’t consider that the owner has effectively given Pearson three years to sort the club out and you want him gone three months into the season. You don’t consider much tbh.
  6. We’re skint in terms of FFFP and it ain’t happening so you might have to find an alternative hobby on a Saturday.
  7. I wasn’t there which is why unlike some I never dismissed his decision out of hand.
  8. What is your obsession with wanting someone sacked when you know the guy in charge isn’t paying for it and you have no idea who is available anyway? You are just spouting hot air, empty words if you like.
  9. I don’t think people at the club worry too much about a very small minority of over emotional posters on here tbh. In fact, as much as people hate it the vast majority of footballers see punters as idiots who know sod all about the game. Put it this way, at one of the higher non league clubs in the area players often go on Twitter on the coach journey home…… ”Smithy, you’re a carthorse and out of your depth” ”What?” ”Yeah, Dave Jones, you know the fat bloke who stands behind the goal reckons your a carthorse and at 36 stone and never played football in his life he would know” That is literally the type of conversation that would be had for banter.
  10. He did. Basically said that Tanner started the game very poorly and that was his decision whether people agree with it or not.
  11. That’s not his question to answer. You just come on here, ask for someone to be sacked (paid for by the Owner in effect) and you don’t have to have a clue who is out there that not only could do a better job but would actually come here after they’ve picked themselves up off the floor from their laughing fit. Or you just appoint Mike Flynn, that will sort things out soon enough.
  12. It is tbf………at Kings Head Park and The Netham.
  13. On the subject of empty words you still haven’t answered who is paying for Nige to be sacked.
  14. Bloody hell, somebody showing a bit of perspective...........................
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