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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if the other Premier League Managers came out in support of Viera if he gets in trouble. I’m sure they could think of something that would hurt the football authorities in the only place they care about, the pocket.
  2. True, at least a few weeks since a few wanted Pearson out. In all seriousness the point is that CEO’s and Owners perhaps need to be more brave and not cave into fan pressure at every poor run of results. It can be argued in defence of our Owner, and I don’t always defend him on here that’s for sure, that he is showing the bravery to allow his choice to do the job he employed him for even if it takes a bit more time than planned. Pearson is no different to any other Manager and will be judged on results but the point many were making was allow him the time to get through the mess he inherited and THEN if nothing changes perhaps the Manager needs to change. The current transfer window is one where we and the Owner might expect to take one or two steps forward rather than constant firefighting with kids and square pegs in round holes because we are able to get a reasonable amount of the dead wood who just haven’t done it for us, like COD, out of the club.
  3. Agreed, Charlie Austin being a prime example.
  4. If the Police are nowhere to be seen why would a Steward bother to be fair to them.
  5. Some bloke who ran on a pitch last night got 24 weeks bird today. Presumably another over reaction?
  6. They’ll do something then!!!!!!
  7. It shouldn’t happen once. No player should be attacked by fans doing his job. If nothing is done you will be the first to moan when fences are reintroduced.
  8. Police as usual nowhere to be seen.
  9. People seem unable to celebrate without goading opposition players. It’s either got to be seven figure fines, points deductions or fences. If you think punching opposition players is ok you are retarded.
  10. I suppose the difference is that the likes of Taylor Moore could play for all bar two of the sides in the SPL and would not even get close to the bench for Norwich. He’d struggle to get on the bench for us tbf.
  11. And people still fail to believe that the combination of Lansdown, Swiss and Johnson caused this mess we are in.
  12. Oh, don’t all us reds read the Newcastle Chronicle to find out what they are saying about Gas loan players then?
  13. I thought we would shift 11k tbh. It shows that you can pay far too much attention to the doom and gloom on here at times.
  14. It’s exactly why we have over 2800 pages taking the piss out of them. They can’t help themselves.
  15. you missed the most obvious bit of my statement when quoting me. That’s ok though. Luckily none of your other panel contributors do that when quoting Nige otherwise your podcast would be at least one third full of agenda led and emotional waffle from the self appointed football guru of the South West based on the result that day. I’ll decline your invitation thanks…………
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