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  1. @Northern Redliterally made that up off the top of his head an hour ago and now you present it as fact
  2. If it's Steve Kean we may as well all give up...................
  3. Gregor said "exciting" not Steve Kean.....................
  4. That actually sounds plausible................are you itk?!!
  5. Presumably an old boy who knows the game inside out but really doesn't need the "stress" that goes with matchday and day to day coaching of the club. Literally there to give advice when he thinks it's needed or when it's asked for?
  6. Also explains the need for Holden to "think about it"?
  7. Glenn would certainly knows how to sort out a "situation" (if you've ever head him commentate)......and we do currently have a "situation" on our hands.
  8. Would he be interested in doing that for us? I just don't see that. Someone of that ilk maybe but not Big Sam.
  9. Sir Alex doesn't do much these days..................but neither does Bas Savage........
  10. The latest (on the radio now) is that we are employing someone to "help" him. Total guesswork but an older DOF perhaps? Now that might start to appease a few fans. Still don't think any of this has been handled well at all but we've done it to death!! I aim to retire in Somerset when that time comes................
  11. Again, understand what you are saying and I run a business myself. The question that people cannot work out the answer too is why did the benefactor go on national radio and give a completely different message? Surely he must have had an idea of the financial constraints you are referring to at that time, and if he didn't then I am stunned, so why couldn't he at least temper the expectation at that point (I realise that you cannot always put the full truth into the public domain immediately but you should not be spouting very publically what people now believe to be a cock and bull story about
  12. I and many others do understand the point you are making. However, in my opinion of course, it is important that the people making the decisions know that whilst there is not much as fans we can do to change those decisions we will QUESTION them if we think they are extremely poor decisions and, at times, take the action that we can take to voice our disapproval. As someone else rightly pointed out such questioning at least keeps the people in charge honest some of the time. Otherwise you end up with a football club that is literally a plaything of some rich guy on Guernsey who does what he wa
  13. There seems to an over simplistic assumption on the part of one or two posters that the people who are moaning about this appointment are fair weather fans who will come “crawling back” when results pick up. This is exactly the complacent attitude that the Board are exhibiting too. I know quite a few people who are fed up to the back teeth with the way this club are managed who were there when we went nine defeats on the spin under GJ, who travel all over the country watching City, who let it pass when the benefactor claimed “it’s only a badge” etc. etc. The complacency is “they’ll c
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