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  1. My mates wife is attending a course at the Mem today, just had this message along with a picture of the empty stadium: Friend - Complete Sh*thole Me - What did I say, what a dump Friend - In fact, I think I might smell of sh*t later Me - Bigger crowd than normal She’s a girl and hates football so completely neutral!
  2. Update: They are currently 11th (4 games to play), 56 points, GF 58, GA 62, GD -4 Last season they finished 10th, 66 points, GF 68, GA 70, GD -2 So 10 points and 10 goals shy of last season #evolution #thesethingstaketime
  3. Thought I’d check out how the evolution is getting on at Rovers: 2016/17 Finished 10th, 66 points, GF 68, GA 70, GD -2 2017/18 Currently 10th (5 games to play), 55 points, GF 57, GA 61, GD -4 If they win 5/5 they will end on 70 points, which is an evolution of 4 points (or 0.087 points per game). Looking at their remaining fixtures, I think 7 points would be a more realistic return which would mean they end up on 62 points (a devolution of 0.087 points per game).
  4. Just seen this gem on gaschat!! 75k if needed, just to clarify that’s basically Old Trafford! Amazing http://gaschat.co.uk/thread/11894/consulted-on-stadium?page=2 If the ambition is to compete at the top of the championship and beyond then a new stadium elsewhere will be needed. A 20,000 stadium with the space to allow it to become 75,000 in the future as needed.
  5. Poor education? Oh the irony with the errors in this post!
  6. I hope he comes back with some 1982 or franchise insults, you know how all City fans get so upset with that kind of thing
  7. Serious question, why do Rovers fans think they have a better fanbase than City, when the facts, since time began, prove beyond all doubt that you don’t, and that’s both Home and Away attendances? I’m genuinely intrigued and would love an answer I just assumed it’s just a running joke between the Rovers fans, as you all know it’s rediculous to say you have more fans when it can so easily be proven that City have more fans as attendances are always published and recorded, and have been for all time.
  8. Such an embarrassing post, any self respecting Rovers fan (there must be a few surely) must cringe reading this sort of thing?
  9. Rovers fan on H&J on Talksport now just phoned in and although said fair play to City he then undid his praise by saying one thing we (Rovers) do have over them (City) is our support, we have a bigger Away following and everyone tells us how great we are etc etc blah blah blah unreal!!
  10. FROM HENBURY GAS ON GASCHAT Ok here we go....... I sat down last night to watch our friends south of the river get smashed by a far superior and well funded Manure United. When i found out they had put out a strong team worth £400m my hopes where raised.... BUT Well done Bristol City, you provided me a with a fantastic spectacle of a football match which you deserved to win (hurts to say that but you cannot deny it) The fact the Snake provided a world class pass for the winning goal hurt even more.... I wish you all the best for the next round and i hope you smash the other plastic team from Manchester NOW PRINT THAT ON OTIB BUT I BET YOU DON'T ! BECAUSE YOU ONLY PUT SH*T ABOUT US ON THAT SH*T FORUM Bet I do! Fair play and nice words, What do I win Henbury?
  11. 12 thousand locked out 11 hopeless players 10 dogs for Darryl 9 goals for Tottenham 8 thousand Home crowds 7 teen years behind us 6 fingered fanbase 5 HORSES PUNCHED 4 quartered cr*p 3 striped tents 2 racist chants And a Chairman with no money!
  12. Maybe to the tune of 12 days of Christmas? Here’s a start, fill in the blanks please! 12 thousand locked out 11 hopeless players 10 dogs for Darryl 9 ??? 8 ??? 7 ??? 6 brand new sprinklers 5 horses punched 4 ??? 3 ??? 2 ??? And a Chairman with no money!
  13. Thirdly, players and managers always say how great the fans were, even if they weren’t, as some sort of attempt to appease to the fans, it’s a completely hollow comment IMO
  14. 1 win in 9, lost 5 on the bounce, 1 point from relegation zone, we come from 2-0 down to win away, it’s a good day
  15. You’re forgetting it’s all about evolution! Their fans don’t want instant success apparently, they are happy to slowly evolve. Unfortunately for them they are evolving slower than life on earth!
  16. A few years ago my Band Levi Valentino released our album called 17 Years, Maybe I might dust it off to celebrate, if you fancy a listen, particularly the songs This Is The Last Day or Sympathy or Gone Are The Days:
  17. I think any thread on here is only ever a few comments away from a Life of Brian quote, which I like
  18. Not as pathetic as less than 8000 for an important home fixture surely?
  19. My oh my! If you were generous (and for ease of maths) and said they get 10,000 every home game, and all 10,000 donated £1 to the cause, that would be £10,000 per match, 23 league home games gives you £230,000 a season. To fund the £45m rebuild we have just had using this funding method would, by my maths, take 195 seasons, by which point we will be flying about on hover boards, up to our ears in flux capacitors and the cost of the build will be 45,000,000,000,000,000! Crack on boys!
  20. I went to a charity night tonight for St Peters Hospice, they had a signed Rovers shirt in an auction, I shouted out 10p to start the bidding (which is too much IMO), and got a load of angry looks! I had to point out it was a joke!
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