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  1. Need to get shot of Cod Simpson Palmer and all sick notes.
  2. Didn’t they lose 7 nil v Fulham?
  3. Do we really stand a chance of competing against those clubs in the championship who have parachute payments? seems to me the gap widens every year.
  4. There are so many things that we as human beings should be against in life. killings, rape, stabbings, child abuse, the abuse of women, modern day slavery, killings and torture of religious folk etc etc etc. For two years now footballers have took the knee for one single thing…. Racism …. Has their message converted one single racist to a non racist???
  5. Taking the knee should be banned more like
  6. Anyone love, It ain't half hot mum?
  7. AW is not only our top goal scorer but also is no 1 for assists with 4 this season, thought it’s worth mentioning.
  8. Massive performance from us tonight, but we’re Bristol City, we all know what happens
  9. We’re much more mobile in and around the box without Martin tonight.
  10. I haven’t got sky sports Is it available on robins tv in UK?
  11. The reason we can’t keep good players is because we’re tinpot.
  12. Haha this what a typical Tote ender looked like.
  13. I think Covid could well be the saviour of English football in the long term.
  14. Let me get this right. A game of football is abandoned for 99.99% Of decent law abiding fans because of one bloke who racially abused another human being and probably couldn’t give a damn about the abandonment anyway? The world has gone mad !
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