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  1. Vyner and Massengo start, we’re doomed.
  2. When you look at Brentford and Bournemouth, you got to ask. Where did it all go so wrong for City? More chance of the Titanic being raised than City competing in the prem, despite Lansdowns 175 million.
  3. Hasn’t really done anything significant in his whole time here.
  4. Could this finally be the season when our luck runs out and we prove the bookies right and get relegated?
  5. We all knew it was coming, Wigan will go on and win this. soft Bristol City
  6. He’s assisted the opposition more times than that.
  7. He won’t be coming back to City. Although a very good player, Pearson simply doesn’t like him.
  8. I’ve never understood the hype. For me he offers little to nothing in defence or attack , doesn’t make telling passes, plus he’s never scored. Runs down blind alleys, but his hair is very nice.
  9. I’ve supported Nige and still do, but got to says doubts are creeping on now.
  10. Absolute shit show, getting ripped to pieces down the left and midfield non existent
  11. Yes mate, i stand corrected, just looked it up and indeed was a league match.
  12. I thought that game v Stoke was a league cup match?
  13. Bristol City take notice… That’s the way to manage a game in the closing stages.
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