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  1. This thread reminds me of the Egyptian striker thread years ago, can’t think of his name now, began with an M?
  2. How many elections did she win? Asking for a friend.
  3. Will us fans be underwhelmed.? End up right back at square one? its the Bristol City way. Or Am i just being negative and should keep my hopes up for an experienced managerial appointment? Anyone else feel the same way?
  4. Hopefully West Brom and Brentford will join them, thats our 3 bogey teams.
  5. Yes as a manager he’s won nothing.
  6. Please let it be true, SG is not the sort of managerial material this club needs, no better than Johnson ie a rookie who’s won nothing in the game.
  7. I’ve been reading through comments on the Rangers forums, most of their fans don’t rate him and would welcome Gerrard moving here. For me its CH all day long
  8. If only we could have hung on at Barnsley and held on for a point last Saturday
  9. I’ve often thought the very same thing myself.
  10. He’s a young and up and coming coach don’t you know?
  11. Cod will be picked, the rest will be pulled out the hat along with the formation, thats also our identity pretty much summed up to.
  12. I was excited this morning, the barbers were open and I’m looking sexy again.
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