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  1. Let’s just be pleased we’re shot of him.
  2. Did you sneak into the Dolman at that point?
  3. I’ve seen England beat the Germans and get to a final, losing only on penalties. I would have taken that before the finals started. Well done Gareth and well done England .
  4. Watching this Spanish performance up to now, and wondering if we would be better off playing Italy in the final should we get there now.
  5. Personally i hope we get thumped 6 nil by Denmark so we can celebrate their superiority over us.
  6. Simply outstanding team this
  7. What happened to the green bottles?
  8. I’d rather see kane bomb their goal a few times on Tuesday to be honest.
  9. So He’s paid his debt then?
  10. In all fairness I’ve seen our lot do the exact same thing and at least twice v the sags
  11. Cash on the turnstiles back then, and a few books being cooked.
  12. His name still sends shivers down my spine. Almost as much as Kelly.
  13. Oct 1973 Scunny at home. league cup reply 2 1 City First ever football match for me, aged 8. Taken by my late stepfather. Mums side of the family were all gas , living in Fishponds in all. Stood up in the East end that night. Thats when i fell in love with City. Thank goodness no one from my mums side took me to Eastville
  14. Well last time it took us something like 78 years to bounce back to the top flight. Based on that form, we only have to wait another 30 odd years for our next return.
  15. Come on Forest Green
  16. Just noticed this thread was 6 years old yesterday. Must be a record for otib surely ?
  17. Because we done them no favours by winning our first 4 matches.
  18. Who even watches the BBC these days, let alone pays their tax?
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