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  1. Trouble with Lansdown is he’s actually spent a lot of money here but hasn’t always spent it wisely.
  2. I was thinking the very same thing
  3. Why? Been happening for years, you know what’s coming!
  4. Chris martin won the flick on which led to the goal
  5. Got a big future ahead of him
  6. Massengo on for Weiman in the 2nd half for me
  7. Not a beer but Thatchers zero is very nice
  8. Been stealing a living here for years. The lower two leagues is where he really should be.
  9. Mr Lansdown When will we have a team like Bournemouth? You’ve been steering this ship for over 20 years. In footballing terms what have you done?
  10. He’s never really set the world alight here has he?
  11. We’ve got the stadium they got the players Mr Lansdown !
  12. The gift that just keeps on giving. Thanks Joey we love you.
  13. Should have been off loaded a long time ago, he offers nothing.
  14. Why can’t we shut a game down like other teams? They never gave us a look in after they scored. Well played Millwall
  15. How can i watch Robins tv every single game, i live in the UK? I read somewhere on here i need a vp thingy, what’s that? Too old to understand all these modern gadgets
  16. 10 men went to burn went to burn down Twerton
  17. Fed up of all this rugby chat on the radio
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