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  1. Who said Weiman shouldn’t have been picked tonight?
  2. So are Orient Wimbledon and Charlton
  3. Wigan Blackpool Hull
  4. Who was there? For those that were there, you’ll remember the main song that day. We’ll survive we’ll survive we’ll survive We were looking at the real possibility of this being the very last match in Bristol City’s history Days later would see a meeting at Ashton Gate to see if the club would be wound up or would come up with a plan to save our very broke club Step forward the Ashton 8 who had 2 choices, rip up their contracts and the club would stay alive or refuse to tear up their contacts, get made redundant and the club would die. Thankfully those 8 tore up their contacts that day, we dissolved the old company Bristol City FC and Bristol City 1982 ltd was born. The very next match a week after the Newport game was a home game against Fulham, we fielded a team mainly of teenagers known as the Bristol babes, they were to get a very good result that day, a 0 0 draw. Just wanted to ask if anyone reading this went to the Newport game?
  5. A draw v a poor Blackpool team at home. A defeat at 4th Div FGR Be prepared for a season long relegation battle.
  6. I thought we lost shape when he came off.
  7. What’s the quickest route to the 3 lions from the kfc end of Winterstoke rd? I’m coming on the AG2
  8. I was at all those games including Hereford home and away. He gave me many happy memories
  9. I am absolutely gutted. Terry Cooper is a total legend here. He single handedly resurrected this football club. A lovely warm human being. This club needs to honour him some way, maybe rename the south stand, the Terry Cooper stand? RIP Terry, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for dragging my beloved City back from the dark days of the early 80s.
  10. I think Brum will surprise people this year.
  11. We got him from them No
  12. We signed Cooper as a player first He came back via the gas as player manager for us.
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