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  1. Is it just me who is a tad cynical about NW suddenly putting in a good performance at QPR?

    Maybe he felt more confident there due to his record of scoring for them and it was just a mental thing. I recall Dhiedou having a great game at Middlesbrough last season, with them being one of the teams rumoured to want to sign him. He immediately went back to being poor from there on. It looked like he was actually trying to make an impression in that one match.

    Hope we don't see the same from Nahki but I wouldn't be that surprised 

  2. If teams are constantly able to pile in lots of crosses, regardless of who is playing FB, is it because every FB we have is crap, or are we playing the wrong MF formation?

    You would hope NP would be able to see what is happening and do something tactically to address this obvious weakness. It's been like this for over two seasons now and I had hoped he would have sorted it out by now.

    Great result though!

  3. 5 hours ago, lukebcfc1989 said:

    He is still having a look in my opinion giving what we have a chance.  

    This is a great point. I do think he feels we might have some good youngsters who may be worth giving a proper try this season.

    If he doesn't feel they are delivering and needs to make signings, at least he will know he gave them every chance.

  4. 17 minutes ago, Top Robin said:

    It is painfully slow progress under Pearson...seem to take one step forward and then two steps back. 

    What happened to the performance v Cardiff.

    Weimann had one of his amazing games up front. Now he's shunted back out to the right wing - again - for Wells, who hardly gets a touch - again.

  5. 1 minute ago, Finley_Smith10 said:

    If it wasn’t worrying enough our home form is cursed. Bentley absolute shocker for that. You have to be stronger as a keeper. Joke. Crap game aswell so much time wasted from fouls, throw ins etc

    Can't say I'm desperate to get to AG to watch a game. Sad really.

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  6. 5 hours ago, robin_unreliant said:

    Nobody posting a serious 11 seems to include King. So I predict he's a nailed on starter for Nige, who does seem to have his favourites, despite what he says.

    Would like to see HNM moved central for AK and Scott given a start myself 

    Thanks for proving me wrong (and -maybe- right) Nige  😂

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  7. Put a decent cross into the box and you score. Try explaining that to Southgate. So many chances to cross ignored for an extra pass. Must be orders surely. Very frustrating to see possession wasted around the box by trying to be Spain - which we aren't.

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  8. 1 minute ago, cidered abroad said:

    Awful! Don't England pass the ball toward opposition goal?

    They do until it gets to the edge of penalty area, then stop. Finally played a couple of decent passes into the box in the 45th minute. Nearly woke me up.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Northern Red said:

    Watching the second half of the United game at Wolves today, adding Ronaldo to that side appears to be the cherry on top of a cake that has a giant hole in the middle.

    Just put him in instead of Sancho. That boy looks on course to being one of the biggest wastes of money ever. 

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  10. 21 minutes ago, chinapig said:

    I think the point was our City writer does not seem to use a spell checker. Considiered? Is that French?

    Spelling isn't the only issue. He often writes things that make no sense. It really is hard to believe he earns his living from writing as he can't construct proper sentences.

  11. 15 minutes ago, Rossi the Robin said:

    I find they are hard to locate on the laptop but normally there if on red button 

    There is a 'watch live' button which lists games but it wasn't included. I tried selecting the football channel but it was only the derby game listed. I tried using search and found live commentary but not video. It must be really well hidden!

  12. Reviving this as it annoyed me today. I was at my parents' in bs3, rather than home in devon with my Sky Q box.

    I tried to access the game by logging into sky on windows 10 laptop but the game wasn't available as far as I could see. 

    I could get it via the sky sports app on my phone, but online via the laptop it only listed the Derby v Forest game. Very annoying as I wanted to plug my laptop into the TV via hdmi so my dad could watch. 

    Is this still an issue, in that red button games don't appear via the desktop website?

  13. With the last two coaches the international breaks seemed to always be followed by a bad result. It felt to me like the more time they spent being coached, the worse it got.

    I'm actually looking forward to Nige spending time with them as I believe he is actually capable of making further improvements. What a nice change.

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  14. Agree HNM was class today. I wonder what's happened with Williams and COD. Nige did say they should both be ok after a week or so. Finally got too many good options to fit into the team.

  15. 8 minutes ago, Engvall’s Splinter said:

    Not too much to argue with in respect of the starting 11 (on paper) I don’t believe. 

    Just a nagging worry about CM and AW playing 3 games in 6 days. Hopefully we can go 3 up in the first half hour and take them off early to avoid any chance of injuries.

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