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  1. Exactly. He’s really milking it isn’t he Red Skin
  2. Oh my days I can’t believe she said that she is supposed to be a professional ITV should tear up her contract
  3. Was always partial to a Mitre Delta. The Magma in particular was a delight. The Mouldmaster however was only really good for inflicting pain. You won’t be at all surprised to know my favourite ball of all time is the France 98 Adidas Tricolore, very nice design and really well weighted for a free kick. Can’t say I’ve ever even seen a Puma ball before (apart from maybe a few mixed in with Lonsdale ones in the giant baskets at Sports Direct?) so this is unchartered territory really. Will keep an open mind and hope for the best.
  4. I doubt it. Just a cheap way to fish for likes, comments and follows and then give a shirt (that’s doesn’t even exist) to somebody without even announcing who.
  5. Did they even announce the winner?
  6. No it didn’t look like he had any energy drinks in his trolley actually
  7. I saw Aaron in Asda Bedminster once
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