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  1. You’re three years old? Does your mummy know you’re using the internet?
  2. Good thread. Great mix humour and views all round. Well done all. If we’re even allowed to say that anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ‘Bedwetter’. ‘Wetwipe’. ’Absolute danger’. ’WUM’. Should all result in a lengthy ban.
  4. Breaking News Mediocre Show Pony Signs for Tinpot Club in Mickey Mouse League
  5. As per the thread title. Gustav Engvall has moved on loan to Sarpsborg in the top tier of Norwegian football. Good luck to him, shame it didn’t work out for him here for all manner of reasons. I wonder if his time is up at Mechelen or if he can play his way back in to their plans.
  6. Classic thread in the making. Love this.
  7. I didn’t say it was clear. I was asking @Fubera question in direct reference to his previous post regarding keeping the faith until it was clear it was not working out. Agree the rot was here before NP joined but are you content he’s done enough to arrest the decline? It’s very much his squad now and the results, form and style of play are a reflection of that. IMHO.
  8. How far are you (personally) happy for the rot to set in until it’s clear it has not worked out?
  9. I’m not stamping my feet, I’m voting with them.
  10. I’m not. I am a Bristol City fan giving my personal opinion on an online forum for the opinions of Bristol City fans. No drama fella. It’s not that hard a concept to grasp.
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