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  1. Top top top top top top top top top bantz
  2. Andy Weimann, he runs around and scores a goal, Andy Andy Weimann
  3. Don’t use Twitter but thanks Phil, I’ll try the web link.
  4. What has happened to BS3 Talk? Don’t seem to making episodes anymore and not even a mention in this thread. I really like OSIB (hi @Shtanley) but also miss the lads of BS3T.
  5. These remind me of our training wear recently that had ‘BRISTOL’ on the front. Lovely.
  6. I’m on the Edge of my seat waiting for these puns to get started
  7. Amazing Prem class player. We were lucky to have him. It’s obvious to see why his career has gone from strength to strength since leaving City.
  8. Maybe they thought nobody would notice the price increase as it’s been so long since the concessions were operating
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