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  1. Leeds, Man U and France.
  2. In fairness to Colleen she’s been with Rooney since school…. …..when he used to nip round her house during break time and shag Colleen’s Nan. Ok, the second bit I made up, but the first bit is true.
  3. Nor with the backing of Benham and Ankersen of Brentford.
  4. Much as I liked Holden’s first dozen games as manager (inc caretaker), two things we weren’t was high pressing or intense pressing. We weren’t “on the front foot” as Holden said he wanted us. But we did have purpose and method in the way we played. Against MK I saw a true high press, not at all times, but triggered appropriately. The widemen (Janneh and Pearson) came inside to squeeze and Conway dropped in to block the passing lanes into midfield. Nagy and Williams well positioned to either pinch stray passes or screen their CBs. Vyner and Pring able to play higher up when the press commenced. We forced error after error out of MKD. I only watched bits of the second half, but I didn’t see the same with Martin up top….and Palmer off him. If we play Wells and Martin, I’d prefer Martin to be the one who drops in on the DM. In fairness he did that last season early on. O’Dowda and Weimann ought to be than capable of doing what Janneh and Pearson did.
  5. No ahdea why this has happened.
  6. Slipping down my 1-24 as each day goes by. Sweeeet.
  7. Awful statement….sums him up. If Mel could relieve him of his contract without a pay off, he would.
  8. Nope, 100% human error! As for Nurse, City Academy has a duty to try to develop all of the youngsters as much as they can. In a numbers game, most aren’t gonna make it as full-time pros. The fact that Nurse has signed for a Lg1 club should be seen as a success.
  9. And it’s a 3 month deal only. Coaching experience in the PL….hardly the Stefan Marinovic of coaching is he.
  10. A team that might be a competitor to make it into the bottom 8 this season.
  11. Atkinson no missing CL football signing for us then.
  12. I misread his new deal in Aug 2020 as a 2 year extension, not a 2 yr deal….so only one year left, no option. Think you are gonna be right, gonna be free / nominal fee, plus undoubtedly a sell-on.
  13. She has. Scored within a minute of coming off the bench on her debut.
  14. Do you mean between 25 and 27,000…..that’s a large range!
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