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  1. Going against the grain here but I think Bentley is better with the ball to feet + distribution. He’s been trying to hit statues behind mobile defenders most of this season.
  2. I heard Pearson shouting "f*****g brilliant, f*****g great Jay" when he closed down 3 Cardiff players in a row. Must be doing something right to get that praise.
  3. I know you got a great draw against the mighty Swindon Town but this isn't your place to comment
  4. Webster equalises with a bullet. 60 mins
  5. A good look as to a) how much better pro players are and b) how getting a shot off is very difficult with even one defender between you and the goal
  6. https://redi1.soccerstreams.net/event/bristol-city-fulham-live-stream/760904
  7. Rovers fans very quiet re Garnerball
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