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  1. Talk about self fulfilling prophecies, Barton’s initials are ‘JAB’
  2. How much taller is Ashley Cole?Helps being a great player, obviously, but height isn’t everything.
  3. Who would’ve thought when signing a 37 year old
  4. Helps watching some of the top athletes in the world playing for your team
  5. Tippy tappy - moan Direct - moan We are Bristol City
  6. Got to be a Sag surely? Nobody can be that relentlessly and irrationally negative?
  7. Give me another 10 years and I might actually be able to actively practice it
  8. We had a game plan, it wasn’t pretty, we nearly won though. I do agree the long throws were poor. Balls across the box were our weakness not the presence of 2 big men. Again, balls down the sides of the CBs, not pretty but can be effective. Griffin aka Unan aka Banned User aka Seneca the Younger aka Aka
  9. Shock horror, Championship keeper makes an error Shock horror, young defender, playing non league 2 seasons ago, didn’t communicate properly with said keeper Shock horror, Baker has been allowed a few games to try to keep a place after a good performance You complain when we don’t bring through young players and complain when they make an error. You complain we don’t keep a settled side then complain when we do. If we’re lucky, then we’ll be a mid table Championship team this season, get some perspective. Young players will make mistakes. Pearson gives players that play well, several chances to keep their shirt, would you rather the tombola was back(?) Bentley isn’t Buffon or he wouldn’t play for us. What do you seriously expect?
  10. Looked at a couple flats in Luton this week, the estate agent took me to one blind, what a ******* dump.
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