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  1. Turns out I had forgotten Benkovic, Maenpaa, and even Weimann so this isn't quite as complicated as I thought. Or maybe I just wanted to dig deeper Dijkstra (NED) Bokoto (FRA) Pereira (POR) Kalas (CZE) Ekstand (SWE) Nagy (HUN) Hegeler (GER) Dziekanowski (POL) Styvar (SVK) Pinamonte (ITA) Andersen (DEN)
  2. As far as I can tell we've had more than one player from about 6 Euro 2020 teams outside the UK but I can only find one combination of players that results in a genuine football team (left back, right back, etc) that have all played for City but with no more than 1 per country and none from the UK. And I had to involve 2 defenders I've seen for no more than a few minutes, most recently at Rotherham away. Over to you.
  3. Blimey - just had a look, someone wants to watch Norwich's whole well-run family/community club reputation burn. I'm not at all militant about gambling sponsors but this one is stretching legitimacy to its limits - an Asian casino with the flimsiest of regulation, a Twitter feed with 50 followers at the time of announcement, an Instagram feed of barely legal Asian girls in sexualised poses, videos of them simulating sex acts, and (apparently) links to hardcore porn. And John Terry has been their worldwide ambassador for several years! I know money talks but you would have a very hard time knowing where this money came from, it could quite easily be illegal. They're supposedly based in Malta but that is just the tech - nothing like Dunder who at least regulated in the UK and had legitimate people behind them.
  4. Olé

    Chris Brunt

    Thanks, that's a good explanation. The point I was making (badly) wasn't a conspiracy theory but just whether we should read anything into the delay to this retirement, for example that he'd harboured hopes of rehabilitating elsewhere away from City and playing again after leaving us. He called it quits on his City contract, I didn't expect there was any legal reason he couldn't retire at the same time if that was always his plan. It's not like we were treating him anymore.
  5. Olé

    Chris Brunt

    So what happened when he left City? What was he expecting? Just looking for a more professional diagnosis? The City injury thing is done to death but this guy literally terminated a deal on the basis of a long term injury. For a 36 yo to call it quits yet wait only to now to call off his career is a very bad reflection of our medical team.
  6. Can I play? The "Mark Ashton Did Everything to Uniquely Prepare, Construct, Launch, And Implement the Management of our Training Ground" Or MADE UP CLAIM Training Ground for short.
  7. Rather than simply leap on the fact it is a bit fluffy, I'd rather point out it doesn't really pass the Ronseal test (does what it says on the tin). The test for me was - are we expecting high performances from the Robins High Performance Centre? And I'm really not sure that we are? Surely at a training ground you want managed levels of effort at a high standard that is predictable and reproducible - but not exceptional. By definition you're not looking for "high" performances as in one off - you are looking to create a culture that delivers each and every day. Would love to pretend I have some insight but this was actually from the most insightful thing Nigel Pearson said from his first few months. In one game he was asked if he wanted players going nuts and he said no I want players who know their levels and keep reproducing them. I found it one of the most revealing/meaningful comments I ever heard a City manager come out with. **** the soundbite, pure experience.
  8. Just been promoted to the Scottish Prem via the play offs with his latest club (Dundee) who he signed for in November - played regularly since and even scored 4 goals along the way.
  9. He doesn't mention it, but when he talks about being sent off in the second leg against Palace, I'm sure he never actually left and was to the side of the dugout at the front of the stand frantically relaying instructions to GJ and the team. Always amazed me the fourth official didn't stop him. If you see his reaction after our two goals (or Noble's at Selhurst) you'll see how organised he was.
  10. Looking at the state of this I'm reminded that some City fans actually used to turn their noses up in portraying other City fans as unfair and unduly negative in their criticism of LJ. This is a useful reminder that compared to the North East (and Sunderland is toxic) collectively we're actually a remarkably civilized, patient and largely passive fanbase. Let's appreciate rather than always demonise our support - relative to this we are quite a tolerant, unentitled bunch. That said, not sure I follow the great enthusiasm for this thread or the result, some people are still trying to win that argument (and if last season has taught us anything it's that there are plenty worse than LJ, his assistant for a start).
  11. Just finished listening to this. One thing that I found very odd - @headhunter you list Testimitanu alongside Akinbiyi, Thorpe, Anderson and Watts among the City signings 'ahead' of that season and then later again with great preamble highlight him to JW specifically in a question about foreign signings. JW hesitates in response, then talks rather vaguely about scouting foreign players. Here's the thing, am I going mad or wasn't Ivan signed at Xmas by Benny!? I'm fairly certain he was and made his debut on Boxing Day at Watford (I was there). So was JW being polite and going along with the premise? I have this horrible vision of an elderly John Ward wondering why he's forgotten this but not wanting to say anything. Please put me out of my misery and tell me it's something he corrected off air? Or have I got my history mixed up? Also as @One Teamsays, interesting how he describes his leaving.
  12. Quick reminder that he celebrated a winner against TEN MEN not by looking towards HIS massed fans, but by glaring at the pensioner who took City into the league that he was trying to get into, more than 40+ years earlier, and giving it the big un to afformentioned pensioner. This is why Wolves and Nuno will always be complete embarrassments.
  13. Just been speaking to a Wolves fan I know about this and unfortunately he still has a vocabulary of less than ten words one of which is Nuno, so I have absolutely no idea what Wolves fans think but I do know they've lost one of their easier words.
  14. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Now hopefully Wolves implode in some sort of black country ridiculous accent Portugal flag waving low IQ fireball.
  15. Olé


    Is there a reason why Barnsley have been allowed fans but Bournemouth only had cardboard cutouts?
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