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  1. Just like to think since fleming been involved football has become much better to watch l9ng may it continue .
  2. Yes was pissed when i wrote this Roast chestnuts
  3. Yes not half my only visit to white hart lane went with my grandad and uncle remember horse chestnuts outside the ground .
  4. Yes was at that game myself remember we conceded a penalty when Gordon low palmed the ball down in the box and jimmy dispatched it.
  5. Very true and the lack of signing a goalscorer and winger to supply has also put fans off that yhe club eish to temain stagnant .
  6. Very True Dave deals wete scuppered when cotts went on holiday .
  7. Even allowing that cotterell would have signed two of the three you mentioned when deals were all set up till someone tried to renogotiate lansdown wouldnt have spent or wasted the grand total of fifty odd nobodys .
  8. Exactly johnson ripped the team apart signed mostly crap and weve been suffering ever since.
  9. Maybe we would have progressed instead of buying fifty odd nobodys .
  10. Yes mate so true we havent seen footy that comes anywhere near that been going downhill ever since and to give our warchest to that cretin sticks in my throat .
  11. Yes glad he gets enough to pay his BUPA fees
  12. This has been the case for the close on 60 years ive been watching unfortunately get it right at the back one year nothing upfront .tmThen good upfront Tammy etc and crap at the back but thats Bristol city .
  13. Yes if your gonna single him out god knows what you think of most of the other performers as you said Tin hat needed .
  14. Think the answer to that mate is a winger and two decent strikers things moght get better.
  15. Yes agree the build up play was so slow we got no width and two slugs upfront .
  16. And that was our major problem the two wasters previously .
  17. Lets hope we dont live to regret it and he signs and bangs in goals elsewhere sheff unt were one of the clubs eyeing him up he banged in two last week done his self no harm .
  18. Hes still fitter than the front two on saturdays showing
  19. Wish we would have signed him when he was available .
  20. Fair Assessment of the game didnt think king done much No width desperately need a wideman and strikers could have played all day without hitting the net .
  21. Yes take your mrs if he dont sit still or wants to go she can take him home .
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