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  1. I rang up today as not arrived in todays post They told me they would reprint and that I need to pick them up at the ticket office tomorrow I told them I don’t intend to be in a big queue to pick up tickets they assured me it will be minutes ? £30 booking fee and I have to queue for my own ticket purchased Gold hospitality they should refund the booking fee
  2. Rang yesterday they said they have just received the tickets and will start to post them out
  3. It’s like waiting for away tickets booked my tickets through my Bristol Sport account for hospitality on 28/06/2021 still waiting
  4. It has been going on for the last 2 seasons you wont be able to challenge just except and pay the reduced price “Parking on the pavement has its own potential issues, those aside, whether you want to park behind double yellow lines, the other side of them, whether there's a pavement or a grass verge, the answer is no, it's illegal. “ They wait till kick off and pull up in a minibus and issue the ticked good earner for the council
  5. Still not received mime brought on the morning they went on sale my last name begins with Y so They may send them out alphabetical
  6. https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/137721-roughest-pubs-in-bristol/page/2/ It was mentioned in an old thread the roughest pub in Bristol The Britannia closed years ago Patchway has no pubs anymore
  7. Long shot, does anyone have a spare ticket for today, that I might be able to purchase from you, please?"
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