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  1. Oh sorry I was not aware you are now the spokesman for the supports of Bristol City FC
  2. Update I logged out on laptop logged in on iPad and works ok so ok on more than one device
  3. I let you know still waiting for response I just tried on my laptop and it successfully took the code would not work on my iPad only thing is now I wonder if I can use different device or am I locked to one now
  4. Have emailed bristolcitytvsupport@streamamg.com They have acknowledged my mail and will get back to me ASAP I will put the response on here
  5. Enter code select the redeem button the following message appears :- OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG! The authentication cookie has not been set. has anyone got an answer?
  6. Only ever received emails when I buy tickets Season and away tickets never received any Marketing email from Bristol Sport
  7. Same here not received checked all folders
  8. Still waiting for my email ?
  9. Any one else not received there email yet ?
  10. I agree return to the Wurzels every team we play seem to have there own song to the music we run out to and it give them more of a lift than us
  11. petelekg


    Where is the park and ride I am looking for somewhere to park this Saturday
  12. https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/137721-roughest-pubs-in-bristol/page/2/ It was mentioned in an old thread the roughest pub in Bristol The Britannia closed years ago Patchway has no pubs anymore
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