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  1. NP’s interview was, as usual,realistic. He looked very fed up, as well he might. I like the way he faces us to the reality. The next task is for him to raise the players’ game. I wish him well and certainly don’t envy him. We can’t expect him to make silk purses out of sows’ ears overnight. I just hope he doesn’t get so fed up that he walks.
  2. It is the way the players are losing that is the worry. Look at Brighton this evening losing at ht to Man City 3-0 at home. Looked totally outclassed. Raised their game second half and played some lovely football with passion. No more goals from City and a well taken penalty for Brighton. OK they will lose but the fight the passion the quality - all three of these missing from The City today.
  3. Bristol Sport, of course, is the wider problem - being saying it, with a few others, for years now
  4. To say the very least
  5. I have been saying it for years and usually just received abuse
  6. NP OUT? No, no, no Who then? Do I really have to spell it out?
  7. What a truly dreadful back pass by Simpson. As bad as any I’ve seen from a City full back. surely we must accept he’s totally finished at this leve,
  8. Plan A. Nige to keep us in Championship Plan B. Nige to get us out of league1 Plan C. Don’t be stupid even the Government doesn’t have a plan C
  9. A great response, if I may say so. Can’t stop laughing
  10. Look no further than our almost non existent Board and our owner who has consistently failed over two decades to deliver on promises. PS What is the point of a High Performance Centre with no high performance players. What is wrong with Weston beach!
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