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  1. The Government wants to "Protect us" We've been here before with this game of fear. We had over a million protesting then too. And the government were lying. Shock! In 2003. Tony Blair told the world - Saddam can attack us within 45 minutes. We have to invade Iraq to protect us at home. Millions of lives were lost. All on a LIE. The truth was Saddam was UNABLE to attack us after years of sanctions. He did not have the capability to launch any sort of attack on us and the Intelligence Services were telling Tony Blair exactly that. But that didnt stop him trying to scare us, so they could do what they wanted to do.
  2. Well thats alright then!! I better do something i dont want too!! ******* hell
  3. If he decided, for any reason. to not have it, he'd not be able to go. THATS the issue. Its sneaky and its the government taking away our freedoms
  4. At least someone who has been jabbed gets it. I respect your decision to have the vaccine and thank you for respecting my decision for not having one.
  5. Back then, much like most people on here. I just trusted the government by default. I since learned of the f**kery that goes on.
  6. What i think is going on globally is a different thing to how i think the world should be run. The fact i want more council houses built etc etc. Totally seperate.
  7. Don’t think they will kill us all off. I think birth rates will be down massively tho. We shall see
  8. The length of testing. A matter of months. No chance to test whether there is long term side effects
  9. It’s a prediction. I could be totally wrong. I just think it’s off, that everyone is being told to have. Since when did the government ever give a **** about us? Flammable cladding on flats Poverty wages Our young people to die for illegal wars for resources etc Many parts of the world without basic needs… But the powerful are gonna make sure we ALL have the vaccine, because they care so much about us all
  10. It’s not random. It’s based on my understanding of global politics and the people that run the world… Paranoid. We’ll see. I’ll be Happy to admit I’m wrong
  11. Firstly, your wrong. Secondly, never has the whole population been vaccinated or suffer restrictions for not having a vaccine. This is highly suspicious to me.
  12. It’s not based on anything scientific. How could it be? I’m not making anything up, I’m making a prediction, that could make me look extremely paranoid if I’m wrong…
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