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  1. If AJ fights with the right tactics he wins. I know its fashionable to knock AJ and say Uysk wins easily - but AJ fought with the worst tactics possible last time out and made it competitive, He's the much bigger guy and if he fights like the old AJ did - i fancy him to stop Uysk.
  2. I know him and hes a top fella!
  3. I just dont see it. He's similar to JET - they are relaxed characters who play in that way - JET also got accused of being lazy. I'm convinced you'll never get any consistency out of KP - just flashes of brilliance. Time will tell i guess.
  4. The game is just too quick for him. He can defo pick a pass - good passing skills - but wants too much time on the ball.
  5. I dont see hate. But he is on high wages and we all want us to improve the squad, so we need him gone. He's done nothing wrong - he just isnt good enough - the game is too quick for him at this level.
  6. Great news, that we have signed one of our targets on a free.. But where does this leave George Tanner? Will be loaned out?
  7. Imagine trying to earn a living. What a bastard
  8. Our fans obsession with him is weird. Wasting time finding and watching his videos..... havent people got better things to do? clearly not.
  9. Interesting. See as you wanted to sack a manager who had us in the top 6, in our first season up.
  10. One things for sure! If it got legalised and regulated, the drug dealers would disappear overnight! And crime would massively reduce!
  11. Depends what you call welathy. Very few become millionaires or anywhere near.
  12. Dont think you could be more wrong.
  13. Pointless war on drugs. Alothugh its more of an excuse to punish and jail poor people.
  14. Maybe Lansdown wasnt happy with how Cotterill did things? in certain areas.....
  15. Ashton has nothing to do with the issues between cotts and lansdown.
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