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  1. He's had some good games (mostly against us it seems) but he's had *loads* of howlers in the past 2 years. I wouldn't want to touch him to be honest.
  2. Well it basically said that they didn't break FFP but lied/didn't co operate. "MANCHESTER CITY FC DID NOT DISGUISE EQUITY FUNDING AS SPONSORSHIP CONTRIBUTIONS BUT DID FAIL TO COOPERATE WITH THE UEFA AUTHORITIES" https://www.tas-cas.org/fileadmin/user_upload/CAS_Media_Release_6785_Decision.pdf
  3. I saw a rumour that they sold it to NLF because they were going to put it into administration but this way it didn't affect their share price. So I think more will come out about this.
  4. Or potentially Kalas? My forest mate reckons it'll be 0-0 but probably has no idea how bad we actually have been recently.
  5. Yes I think it will be 12 points. "The EFL rule 12.3.1 says that: If any Club becomes subject to or suffers an Insolvency Event, that Club shall be deducted 12 points." Leaves them 4 points from safety.
  6. It's not that bad these days. But with a kid, just get the train to and from London Bridge. You'll have no problems
  7. From my knowledge I don't think anyone was forced back to Paddington with the police. We just got on the train to London Bridge, and then there was no problems at all. I can remember having to go to Paddington in 2013 (which was annoying as I lived in East London) but can't remember any other time having to do that.
  8. Is it cowardly or is it more telling of the society we live in that lots of people have "forced" themselves to be or act straight? There is still a lot of homophobic abuse in society and I can understand not wanting to come out. Obviously this is difficult for his family, but we don't know how long they've known. It is brave to come out, and good luck to him living his life as himself. We should be proud of ourselves, and our identities.
  9. It's already been moved. It's at 12.30pm on the Sat 7th as it's on Sky. https://www.bcfc.co.uk/news/fulham-fixture-picked-for-live-coverage/
  10. Haha yeah fine, feel like a bit of an idiot now! He played well!
  11. Denly seems like an odd pick to me?!
  12. @Tipps69 There's no piccadilly line, so you might need to re think where you park. https://tfl.gov.uk/tube-dlr-overground/status/
  13. The Three Guineas just outside the station usually has away fans in.
  14. If you get the slower train from Waterloo/Vauxhall/Clapham Junction, it's much cheaper than going via Paddington at peak time.
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