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  1. Totally agree with that. Well said.
  2. I've just checked mine and as you say certainly no barcode
  3. With any luck hopefully it will be the only chance any of them get to wear that kit at ashton gate.
  4. I saw this list and thought the same thing.
  5. Also there is no guarantee that city will still be in the championship or that Nigel Pearson will stay as manager on a long term deal.
  6. Yes. Channel 528 on the red button
  7. Arsenal at Highbury in 1976 when we won 1-0
  8. That's true but if you're south Bristol or Somerset it's not too far to go.
  9. It was when they were in the elite league a couple of seasons ago! And you can stand on terracing with a pint whilst watching the racing!
  10. There is speedway down the A38 at highbridge, Somerset rebels!
  11. Watch out for the board rubber flying towards you!
  12. The janners have a bigger away following and a lot further than the gas to travel!
  13. As long as we don't go up they will be more than happy with that!
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