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  1. Same for me @Lanterne Rouge Two weeks and counting.....COYRs
  2. Really strange move - purely financial from Mullin’s perspective. He’s got a three year deal there - perhaps he only got offered one or two years in the FL?
  3. Absolutely terrible news - thoughts with Richard and his family at this time.
  4. Agreed - makes sense to trade Nagy as he’s in the last year of his contract and we can get c.£2m I would think which could then be used to fund the striker that Nige wants.. We need to keep the likes of Kalas and Bentley.....
  5. Think a striker will take a while to happen - part of me thinks that we need to sell to bring in who Nige wants....
  6. Thoughts with you and your family Paul
  7. Sounds like a promising signing of it comes off
  8. You must have been watching a different game to me then!
  9. Playing well again tonight - trying to play himself into a big move abroad
  10. Agreed Dave - can see Weimann being captain next season
  11. I think Nige will have a bit more money than £1.6m to spend (if these rumours are true) as think it unlikely that we will get the type of striker he wants on a free. If it’s Smith, expect us to pay up to £1m for him perhaps?
  12. I think restrictions will have been lifted by then and so as many as want to go, will be able to go
  13. This away day will live long in the memory. Right up there with the best I’ve been to Brilliant to see AW commit to another three years......
  14. Lincoln win would help make it easier for us to sign Yates (if we end up going for him)
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