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  1. Good luck to them - no loss…..both were strange appointments and if the rumours are true, another Mark Ashton “masterstroke”
  2. OP - you need to go for a lie down. Its not that SL won’t back NP, it’s simply that he can’t (due to FFP)…… The squad is good enough to survive this season and then NP has two more years to get us to a stage where we can start challenging for the top 6….. Gonna be a bumpy couple of seasons but hopefully in the end, it will be worthwhile
  3. No, it was Atkinson who had COVID
  4. Let’s be honest, very few expected us to get anything from today’s game. The important game was always going to be next Saturday….my biggest fear is that Barnsley will sack their manager after tomorrow and then they will head to Ashton Gate next Saturday with a new manager in charge and the famous “new manager bounce”
  5. If both coaches end up going, do we need to replace them, now that Nige has recently appointed his own Assistant Manager? Would rather we save the money and invest it in the playing side.
  6. Another 500 available on top of the 3,000 allocation too…..
  7. After Martin’s performance last night, hope/expect Nahki to be given a run of games…
  8. Let’s hope tonight turns out to be the turning point which some refer to - so frustrating and a result which we didn’t deserve. I don’t care what any of the players or Nige says…this home record will be playing on the players minds! Once we get the first win at home, we will be fine - let’s hope it comes a week on Saturday
  9. Apparently, the 2,000 was our initial allocation and so hopefully get another 1-1.5k Feels a bit like the “5k to MK” a few years back
  10. Cardiff really are dreadful! Will be looking for a new manager after this game me thinks….
  11. Having sold nearly 2,000 tickets with still three weeks to go until the game is pretty impressive Will be my first visit - looking forward to it! Would expect a further allocation of tickets to be announced this week
  12. Bakinson likely to be the player that Nige referred to in his after match comments of “player(s) not having taken their chance” He shows glimpses of being a good player but doesn’t work hard enough as @Davefevs refers to in his comments about strolling about yesterday when we were down to 10 men - just not good enough given the circumstances Hopefully HNM for and ready to return for Tuesday (Nige’s comments pre game seems to suggest that he will) - need him now that Williams is injured
  13. Top drawer today - well played TK
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