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  1. Above the law. One rule for them, one rule for us plebs at the bottom. Some animals are equal but some are more equal than others.
  2. My boycott of Qatar has gone well so far. No interest in it. Even if we make the final next year, wont watch it.
  3. I thought that, but it's basically a protection against "fire and re-hire". Apparently it applies to football contracts. I don't get it either, but apparently it's there.
  4. This in addition to the Everton player a few weeks back in connection with sex crimes against an underage girl (don't name the player, the thread was locked as it was alleged to be someone but never confirmed). In addition to the bbc documentary about football's darkest secret.... Obviously an issue in the world of football. A lot definitely goes unmentioned.
  5. Where are you based? A good idea in theory but it went against me once. May not for others. When I was being made redundant I did what you suggested. But 2 different agencies got me interviews with 2 different teams of the same company. Needless to say, nobody was very happy with me but I didn't know they were for the same company as they didn't say who the job was for on either of them. But I never gave up hope and I had a few mins spare one day and found a role which I thought would be a perfect fit for me, still there now and I'm doing great and I'm appreciated by my bosses. At the time I was so scared that I wouldn't get a job because my wife wasn't working and we had a newborn and the redundancy was just more of an added pressure. This was also around the time of the court case that some of you will be aware of. They made me redundant a week before the trial started. I was sure to thank them on my last day for being so thoughtful.
  6. I don't get the law about the 50% salary reduction. Surely if he is a free agent, he is no longer subject to it because it is not a renewal of his existing contract? If he was still under contract and was then offered an adjustment at, for example, a 75% reduction, then I can understand where that rule would apply. But as he is unattached to any club, I don't understand how it can apply. No doubt there's some crappy by-law that was brought in 100 years ago which nobody thought would ever come in to force.
  7. I thought this would be the final update. My divorce came through last week. Decree absolute granted and its all finalised..... Glorious .... .... And then it has come out that her relationship and adultery started months before the date she originally gave me when I found out. I based my divorce statement in good faith that it started when she told me and I alluded to comments she made in a whatsapp conversation we had, she then signed the paperwork saying that it was all true, but it's now come out that she lied.... Just don't understand why she'd continue to lie about it, especially on legal documentation. Perjury??? We shall see.
  8. It's insane. And it's come back to bite them. 10 years ago, the squad was mostly academy players with the occasional large purchase, ie David villa and Dani Alves, who both excelled for the club. Even accommodating for inflation, those purchases of Coutinho and Dembele are through the stratosphere without much of a return. Then add on De Jong which was around £70 million, Griezmann £120 million (contention over the actual amount). Eventually these huge numbers on their own accumulate to something unmanageable, plus gigantic wages on top.
  9. The whole 11 mins I was waiting for the police, I thought the person who did it was going to come back with an axe or a chainsaw to try and cover it up, obviously then it dawned on me that I'd be in a life threatening situation too. Thankfully police turned up.... Then a near 4 hour interrogation followed as they had to rule me out. Not my best day. But they found the F*"#@' straight away thankfully. Still tried to deny any involvement and kept changing his story.
  10. Indeed. And if its not said player who people are alluding to and its someone else, then what? People may well be right, but I'll wait.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2021/07/19/premier-league-player-arrested-suspicion-child-sex-offences/amp/ Won't say on here who it is believed to be but it seems to be one of two. But one is getting the full attention but I will wait until the authorities announce said person due to possible legal actions. A few years back I was involved in a rape and murder trial (I found the young girl the following morning) and people were spreading rumours online as to who it was because the person who did it couldn't be named for legal reasons (under age himself) and when I went to court, it was not anyone who I had seen, so just be cautious about it all.
  12. I said at the time that arsenal should have signed Webster from us. Good piece of business from Brighton if they get that much for him
  13. Is that still a thing? My apologies. Still stand by it though. Remember seeing an interview with Bobby Robson many years ago (annoyingly I've never been able to find it on YouTube) where he said about the 4th penalty being the most important. Interview was about italia 90 and Stuart Pearce. Out of the shootout against West Germany, the penalty he was leased worried about was Pearce's because it just never crossed his mind that he'd miss.
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