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  1. Not so much strange but when I worked for the university, I was in charge of the societies that people set up, lgbt, Islamic, women's etc etc. Anyway, the afro-Carribbean society had unusual names. People signed up with first names of Brilliant, Wonderful, and one person had a first name of Amazing-Grace. Genuinely, when people signed up they had to provide proof of who they were so we saw passports, driving licences and those were their names.
  2. Should have put a disclaimer saying no Stan Lee.
  3. As title suggests. Saw a Facebook post on a number of camoes in horror films so thought what people's personal favourites were. Mine is split between two. Doc brown in A Million Ways to Die in the West. Robert Patrick in Wayne's World. Gotta say, Bill Murray in Zombieland when he got shot, had to go to the toilet immediately after watching it, pissed myself laughing it was that hilarious. A massive pool of options to choose from. Fire away
  4. I'm surprised they loaned him out in the first place. Can only presume they needed the money by saving on his wages.
  5. Nail.... Head... Always something I've said about disallowed goals. Villa may well have gone on to win the game by 2 or 3 goals and may have had a run of wins afterwards. Bournemouth had the same time to pick up points when the football started up and didn't get enough wins to stay up. To blame their relegation on this is straw clutching and barrel scraping all in one go.
  6. We're certainly going to miss them when they're gone.
  7. Back in the day, I used to play fifa and pro evo tournaments round friends houses or uni halls. Valencia were my team of choice. Everyone chose man utd, real Madrid, Barcelona, bayern Munich etc. Why valenica? Front 4 of joaquim, David silva, Juan mata and David Villa. Then when I found out Silva was coming to the Premier league, I was delighted to see how he'd get on. Didn't disappoint. Nor did mata, but Silva outshone him the whole time.
  8. Eugh, boro away. Been there, done that. Never again*. * unless it was the last game of the season and it was between us as to who won the title. Then I'd grit my teeth and go.
  9. Even though he's lost a bit of pace, he's still no slouch. He's still very athletic and his finishing is still very good. Could easily play into his 40's considering the science and technology available now. Zlatan is 40 next October (2021). I think he'll still be playing. Cue Ibrahimovic retirement announcement
  10. Well living in the Midlands, I lost wolves a few years ago, I lost villa last year, I lost west brom this year. Was hoping for villa back but unfortunately that never materialised. I did gain Coventry though.
  11. Exactly that. Had he won them promotion and the fa cup then there would be some consideration at least. Remember Dale jennings? Tranmere to Bayern Munich at the same age. Tranmere didn't retire his shirt. According to Wikipedia, he's now 27 and playing for Runcorn.
  12. https://twitter.com/Lixinct/status/1286301698407968771?s=19
  13. Numerous club legends AC Milan - 3 & 6, for Maldini & baresi Ajax - 14 Cruyff West Ham - 6 Moore Napoli - 10 Maradona Also to recognise the passing or early retirement of a player Man city - 23 Foe Espanyol - 21 Jarque Or you could be Birmingham city https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/birmingham-city-retire-number-22-18650110.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  14. It really was no surprise that Hull wanted the season to end in March. They knew what was going to happen and it came true. And yet they were not the worst team since it started up again.
  15. I'd love it, but wages would be an issue still. Also, why have no lower Premier league clubs come in for him? Is there something they know that the people on the outside don't? Surely when Stoke went down, he'd have been snapped up straight away, but since stoke's relegation, he's still there. Again, could be wage related and if Premier league clubs can't afford it, we sure as hell can't either.
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