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  1. That's true. I always thought it was more shift workers but suppose it could well be that and I've just assumed. I made a decision never to look at my phone in the event I stay on it for ages.
  2. Sorry for the delayed response, I've only just seen this. People keep tagging the wrong batman Since my last post, she has signed the necessary documentation and sent it back to the solicitor dealing with the order. She didn't show a solicitor in the end. Probably because, as you say, they'd tell her she'd be entitled to xyz. So that's something at least. I've not taken any sleeping medication for a few nights now and bar waking up at 3 this morning, I did get back to sleep pretty quickly so I am hoping I won't be needing them any longer. I am sorry to have read of your situation too. Its so worrying how we can trust someone like that and then they be so deceitful. And well done for all that you have achieved since. Your son is very proud I am sure.
  3. Let him take control of Nottingham forest. Let's see if he wins the champions league back to back within 5 years of taking over. No Messi, no Iniesta, no xavi, no party.
  4. Tammy with his champions league medal.
  5. Great game. Kante superb. Pep once again can't win it without inheriting Messi, Iniesta, xavi etc.
  6. Only been outside it. Was supposed to go watch foo fighters there back for my 30th but dave ghrol broke his leg and cancelled the European tour. Kept the American shows though, bastard. :laugh:
  7. Got my email this morning I was successful. Utterly glorious
  8. Cheers Mr B. I'm honestly dreading hearing back as to what she plans to do. It is so sad because when we were together, she could stand in the middle of trafalgar Square and yell "the sky is made of ice cream and jelly" and I've have stood by her. Now I'm hugely skeptical of everything she says so once it is in writing and she's signed the documentation, then it'll be a huge relief. I know she'll come after it because she is a lying failure, but it'll be such a huge satisfying feeling if she doesn't. I don't mind being wrong on this.
  9. 2 stand out for me. Goal 1 was similar to the dele Alli goal v Palace (except it went higher in to the goal) against the best team in the league. I scored 4 that day in a 5-2 win, aged 10 playing centre midfield. Goal 2 I was a bit older, 12 or 13 on debut for my new club as a striker. Stood on the edge of the box defending a corner. Ball fell to my feet, just ran forward, took it passed 2 players, decided not to take it passed the last defender who was backing off and backing off (didn't have any supporting runners as I was faster than everyone else) so just hit it from outside the box. Postage stamp. Just turned round, shrugged my shoulders and walked back because nobody was around to celebrate with. This is probably as close as I could think of at this time. Difference being it was a full on sprint up the middle of the pitch and I didn't play a one-two with anyone. There's probably a more proper similar goal but I can't think of it at the minute. But any excuse to show this video as it's one of my favourite goals of the Premier league era.
  10. Further update. Now getting to the crux of the matter now. She's said all along that she's not interested in any of my money or assets because they're mine. We're at the point where we have to declare our income, savings, pensions etc. Now we will know if it's just another load of BS lies she's told or whether she's stuck to her guns. Also, she doesn't have many friends, 2 of them have broken rank and spoken to me saying how they don't believe a word of what she said to them and how disgusted they are with her. So it's not just my family, friends, circle of people etc, those on her side are too. Her sister saw through her the moment it all came out as well. I imagine her mum and dad are pissed off to but can't admit it out loud because they have to support their daughter. Honestly, it's like the woman I fell in love with, married, mothered our child, and devoted and sacrificed so much time, effort and resource to, just doesn't exist any more. Some phoenix has risen who just resembles her a tad. I'm on sleeping medication now. I tried so hard to stay off it and just get to sleep naturally but nothing was working and I didn't have a good night's sleep for 6 weeks. Been on it 3 nights now and I've slept through each night thankfully. My worry is that I'll believe that I'll need it every night going forward so I just need to wean off it slowly but surely.
  11. I've got tickets for the game and I've had an email through saying that the Japan friendly has been restricted to 25% capacity. Although I'm in a high priority group, I don't think I'll be lucky enough. We shall see. I'll know by next Friday.
  12. Pre Internet days involved me getting football scores via teletext and listening to the radio to see how long it took them to update the scores. The good old days
  13. Old Nottingham Forest have won more European cups / champions leagues than Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal & Spurs combined. Super league my arse
  14. So the shackles are off now that we cannot be relegated.
  15. Update. Yesterday was an all round good day. Rovers relegated and then Swindon relegated. Between their games, I received an email from the courts advising that my divorce petition has been accepted so the ball has started rolling now. Had a Thatchers Gold last night to celebrate. First cider I've had in a very long time. Tried to stay off the alcohol but felt it was worth it last night.
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