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  1. Off topic. Leeds and Burnley are threatening legal action against Everton for their financial affairs, possibly because Everton are now safe from relegation. We may be setting up a new topic here!
  2. It will be interesting to see how Manure get on next season. The team, one of the most expensive in the pl have seen off a manager and a caretaker manager this season. How managers does it take to get the same set of players to perform consistently?
  3. Any time added for pitch invasions?
  4. Frank is one of their own!
  5. When they play Celtic will there be a special bottle of wine in the boardroom?
  6. You mean Leith doesn't have all those?
  7. I thought that we had only played Hants 3 weeks ago?
  8. It was lucky that he was given more time then than all his successors. I thought it was said that he left the club in a mess when he "retired".
  9. Could have been worse, it could have been Frankfurt paying his wages!
  10. There's one good thing' the term "happy clappers" hasn't been used yet? (Oh bu**er!)
  11. Might be my memory playing tricks but was it McInnes who brought Cunningham in on loan? I think we were playing quite well and were in the top 6 when we had a Wolves moment, as per 2017. Cunningham got crocked through a bad foul and several others were injured and we just lost momentum.
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