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  1. Being signed up as a scripted regular commentator - does he have a choice?
  2. John Player league on a Sunday afternoon used to keep me interested enough.
  3. Not the Kevin Peterson fan club then?
  4. I'm not sure the teams represent anyone. Tom Lammonby is playing for Manchester!
  5. Isn't it so they can sell it to the Americans? So much easier working in groups of 5 rather than 6. Now it's going metric we could sell it to the EU!
  6. Just hearing about the rugby league cup finals later on. Australia and New Zealand have decided, not surprisingly with the situation over here, not to attend. The great leader of rugby league in UK has called this "selfish, parochial and cowardly". That says so much more about Simon Johnson than it does about anyone from NZ or Australia!
  7. The small ones that just fit under his socks? Not.sure which I find more irritating, his short socks or the macho players that cover their knees up!
  8. Oh yeah! The graphics are going the way of American football. What will be next - touch downs instead of trys in rugby?
  9. Does this put our near neighbours below Cornwall?
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