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  1. And as a bonus, the Bears weren't playing!
  2. Do the EFL have an "imminent decision" tray or is that the one hidden under the "maybe next month pending a decision " tray?
  3. So that's where you got your username from!
  4. Sorry I quoted the wrong post! I was just being cynical as in we are are all resources rather than personnel, but yes we are financially all assets.
  5. Whilst Bentley might be the only competent(?) player in the squad is it really a good idea to have the captain stuck in goal without the chance of influencing play further up the pitch?
  6. BBC running 5 minutes late - are we in extra time yet?
  7. See Kyle Sinckler and Harry Randall still in Jones' camp for the internationals. Said he wanted to freshen things up, so wtf is Farrell still in the squad? Marcus Smith is now in the squad on merit - will Farrell let him take any of the kicks or will he plough on hoping that the next one goes between the posts!
  8. Strange isn't it - if we were on a good run and Forest weren't I'd be quite worried for tonight!
  9. The gas are quite good at lending their kit out aswell!
  10. Myth has it that they also lent Arsenal some of their kit for a match and the Woolwich Arsenal have played in red ever since!
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