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  1. Played junior football against worle on the Bournville Estate. Some of the local scrotes watching stood behind our goal throwing stones at our keeper. understandably he moved further and further forward to get away from them. He ended up getting lobbed 3 times during the game. I'm still not sure if it was a coordinated tactic or not
  2. I'm ashamed to say that I never fully appreciated him while he was here. We do see flashes (or even a small run of games) of quality from the midfielders we have now, but I think it's Brownhills consistency that we miss most, and will find hardest to replace
  3. He actually talks a pretty similar game to Johnson (Lee). It's just that it sounds like there's actually some experience and justification behind the words from Pearson. It always sounded like LJ had read it somewhere and wore it like a badge for the media. I know which I find more inspiring and would rather work for
  4. My guess is we Scrape a 1-0 win to an OG in a preseason friendly at Hallen in late July.
  5. We've needed height and strength (and aggression) for years. Baffles me why its overlooked by our recruitment team again and again. I feel like a stuck record saying it to mates every transfer window
  6. Good thread. It's Been a while since we've got to discuss 11 players showing any passion
  7. Haven't listened yet but look forward to doing so tomorrow. My immediate answer to the semenyo question is definitely yes. He has visibly wilted in response to groans (or worse) from the crowd in the past. He's still doing things which would generate a whinge, but with no one in the stadium to Deliver that whinge nowadays he seems capable of keeping on working Let's hope Pearson gets that sport's psychologist in as he did at Leicester. Could see that role making a huge improvement to not just semenyo, but many of our players, who seem a bit fragile
  8. Good call. Let's be annoyed about something which didn't happen
  9. What a bizarre time to sack him, I doubt even Pep could keep them up now. They'd be better off letting him rebuild them with the parachute payments next season and storm the league. Odd decision!
  10. I'm with you on this. Yes we got some good results under holden but the approach, tactics and performances were consistently poor. Whenever we won we looked very fortunate to have done so. I'm really not sure what people saw in holdens performances to suggest we'd have done much better with the rest of the players. Decent players won't mask a lack of good instruction, they'll just get frustrated knowing that they should/could be greater than the sum of their parts under the right management. The way things were heading, I would've been grateful to stay up under holden, even with a full squad
  11. Anyone else struggling? I've been able to watch all of 5 minutes this half
  12. Great memories, if a bit hazy
  13. I'd think most people have at some point worked for a boss who's just not up to the task. You question their decisions, which means you become demotivated and as a result your performance drops. It is a shame when that boss is likeable, but it's pretty much unavoidable When someone comes in who is either appearing or proven to be far more capable at the role, it totally reverses that negative reaction. This applies in all workplaces, and I dont believe football is any different. It's just that you have thousands of "emotional shareholders" watching it unfold and commenting on it
  14. It has to be deliberate doesn't it? It is gross mismanagement if it wasn't deliberate That said, seeing where we are poised now (needing fight for a relegation battle), you could argue that this deliberate tactic is also gross mismanagement or arrogant/ complacent Either way u look at it, it's an absolute shitshow. Embarrassing.
  15. With analysis like that they appear to be adequately qualified to be in the running for the job
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