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  1. One of my favourite brands of tea.
  2. This Needer chap is he dutch?
  3. Didn't we play Brentford on may the 8th?
  4. We have generally finished mid table so I'm not sure how that would be progression, but I get where your coming from, our form for the last third of the season was terrible the way we were winning a game at home would be progression.
  5. There used to be as saying that went round a few years ago that went "you can't educate pork" Big P is one of those examples, the facts stare him in the face yet still he doesn't want to accept them.
  6. But a lot less people who have had the vaccine get very ill compared to those that have not had it, how can you not see that? the facts are there for all to see hospital admissions with a similar number of cases are down 90% I mean come on.
  7. Because those with one are less likely to infect those around them, surely you can see the good in that.
  8. It's to try and encourage you to have it that's all, the final decision is still yours, and are you really going to cut your nose off to spite your face? The vaccine has been proven categorically to have a positive effect on passing it or actually catching it and vastly lessens the effect of covid if you are unlucky enough to have caught it why you wouldn't want to take it is beyond me but again it will be your choice.
  9. We are nearly the same age, my first job in 1972 at Bell and Nicholson in the carpet dept paid £7.50 a week, less than 18 and a half pence an hour!! I may have been a bit hazy on the admission price at the gate. I knew there was a half crown price as I remember it was painted on the wall by the turnstile, I do remember when decimal currency came in in 1970 the club used the old chestnut of making it easier for the turnstile operators by increasing the price to 15p so they didn't have to handle so much change and it would make getting in quicker, that was good of them wasn't it.
  10. From a farthing? what year was that 1894!
  11. 40p! they must have seen you coming, when I started going with my uncle in 1968 he paid 2s/6p and my child's ticket was 1s/6p (7 and a half new pence) by the time I was paying adult prices in 1972 it was an outrageous 30p beat that! (and no I used to climb over the park end wall for nothing :laugh:.)
  12. There is always the exception, I'm wondering if we could keep a team of talented young players with us for long enough to make it again, the odds are against it, you just have to see how many of our promising players have left us for clubs arguably no bigger than us that get parachute payments, it's going to be hard for us going forward, we have to hope though don't we.
  13. Oh I hope you are right but we have been here before "with a talented group of youngsters coming through" it nearly always seems to end up with half of them being poached and us having to start yet again, let's hope your right and this time it's different.
  14. Let's hope that howler hasn't in any way knocked his confidence what a shame it was right at the end.
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