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  1. So glad to hear he has made a recovery from his lowest point and is at least in a position to enjoy the game tomorrow, best wishes and that he makes a full recovery in the fullness of time, hope he realises the goodwill and gratitude from all of us here at Bristol city.
  2. pillred

    RIP Tinners

    Well I didn't know him personally but I can tell by your reaction what he meant to you and he sounded a good and loyal city fan and friend to you and for that I'm sorry he has gone and hope if their is an afterlife he is up their with like minded people and one day we all meet again like on here and have a good chat about city and life in general. RIP Martin.
  3. The gods of football really love Everton don't they.
  4. Have always thought if you get 24 weeks that's what you should serve, and extra if you don't behave.
  5. Will only serve 12 though unfortunately.
  6. I find myself in a match where I have no real interest, either supporting the so called underdog, the (British) team, or if that fails having a bet on one of the teams. I always assumed that's what most people did to make the match at least mean something to you while you where watching it.
  7. Hillsborough, one reason that will never happen.
  8. To be fair when I was 25 I was pretty good looking even if I say so myself, now at 66 I'm still not bad looking but would be surprised if me undressing would cause much of a reaction in anybody I never tried to say it would be me he would find irresistible. And to be clear I am supportive of him there is nothing wrong in anyway with being gay and of course it should make no difference in the grand scheme of things.
  9. And what exactly do you mean by that? that your opinion is somehow more correct because you are younger, age does not change the facts of the matter and I have no need to educate myself about anything, saying I wouldn't feel comfortable undressing in front of somebody of my own sex who I knew found other men attractive (not necessarily me by the way) to me is perfectly understandable it's your opinion I find strange, perhaps it's your age and generation that have different thoughts on the subject that doesn't make you any more right or me wrong.
  10. Because as a gay man he would find looking at other fit young men undressed sexually exiting, and that's my final word on the subject, if it doesn't bother you great me as I have said would find it a bit uncomfortable and I don't feel the need to apologise to you or anyone else for having that opinion.
  11. I knew this would get a reaction, again I will say I'm sure some of the players feel the same way but judging by the reaction my sincere question has raised it seems you can't dare say anything these days which is a shame.
  12. Because in the same way a woman would not like a man to be watching her undress or showering he has stated he is gay which means he likes men in a physical way, so that would make me a little uncomfortable. I haven't said there is anything wrong with him playing for the club or that I think there is anything wrong with being gay.
  13. What is the general feeling about somebody who is gay i.e finds a member of there own sex physically attractive sharing showers and changing rooms? it's seems to be the Elephant in the room that nobody has yet discussed. I'm not sure I would be comfortable with it personally and am wondering what the players at the club feel about it and whether some might feel a little uncomfortable and ask that he uses separate changing and washing facilities, I would like to add that I have nothing against him for being gay but would be interested to hear what others think about the situation.
  14. Wow to think there could have been two teams in the top flight with a combined capacity of 6000 less than Ashton Gate makes it all the more frustrating that despite half decent support we look no nearer getting there ourselves I notice that your lot had over 14000 the other night what is the capacity of the county ground these days?
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