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  1. Sorry I meant welders and plumbers from Portishead to Bristol and vice versa I just don't see the demand, as for using the HS2 into London I expect there will be a large premium for saving half an hour on the journey time. I can't see trades people going for it and with the advent of Zoom and other advances in the internet I feel a lot less of the office type workers will use it in the future.
  2. I'm amazed they are still planning to go ahead with that white Elephant that will be HS2, by the time it's due to open working from home for a lot of the people they hope to attract will be the norm same as Portishead to Bristol, it's not going to be plumbers and welders using it I can't see where the demand for it is going to come from personally I have been saying for years it's just not going to happen every time there is a delay the cost of it seems to sky rocket the last estimate of the cost was £175 million and rising there are better things to spend that sort of money on.
  3. He seems to be above all criticism to a lot of posters on here, it almost seems they can't believe we got a "big" name manager and don't want to be seen to moan, to me he is the emperors new clothes as you say Dean Holden derided and sacked for being useless had a better record.
  4. He looked a dead man walking after the Spurs game, very much doubt it came as much of a surprise to him, must be frustrating though just as they have the financial muscle to compete he's shown the door.
  5. I think it's fair to say our home form over the last 10 months or so is on a different planet to anything we have ever done before, I think we are only a handful of games away from having the worst home record in the whole history of the football league.
  6. I recognise all those things, and yes the previous lot have left us in the sh*t but it's the fact that we have no organization our game management is so poor and we don't seem able to hold on to the ball for more than a couple of passes, all things I hoped a man with his experience would have improved even a little, at the moment I'm not seeing it maybe in a season or two we will look back on the present and laugh about it but at the moment I'm finding it hard to raise even a sickly grin.
  7. It worked for Forrest didn't it though, we are no better under Pearson than any of the last two managers, I mean if they wanted someone to not win at home for 10 months I would have been available.
  8. Let's hope that can continue or well you know what I think.
  9. I said he was given too long, I'm not comparing them.
  10. Not sure, but the manager of the team we played tonight has managed in 5 games to turn relegation candidates into possible promotion candidates so it can be done.
  11. It is, the amount of latitude he is being given by most if not all posters on here just goes to show that he can get away with practically anything. I'm fairly certain he would have been out the door by now in a majority of clubs, were just too nice. LJ was given too long I hope we don't end up doing the same again as as we stand playing wise I can see the trapdoor looming, we got away with it last season this time we may not be so lucky.
  12. Plenty of managers have lost their job with better records than him, how you can be happy with what's going on at the moment is beyond me fair play you must be very easily pleased.
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