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  1. And another one who suffered English Lit for his GCE’s, eh.
  2. Parked up about an hour away from the ground. Just booked a driveway parking spot a minute from the stadium. The old knees don’t cope with your grim British weather too well these days, so a short hobble back to the car after the game and then get me to the sunshine! Thanks for the match preview @Jerseybean COYR
  3. When my lad was about 8 or 9, Mrs Jacko had a job that meant she worked most Saturdays. Having the parental role on match days I’d ask if he wanted to go and watch City. Nope, he wanted to go to Melksham Town so he could play footy with his mates behind the stand at the old Conigre. Eventually got him down the Gate, took him into the Dolman so he could look down from the very top. SOLD!!!! The rest, as they say, is history
  4. 401.....I didn’t get counted as a Smoggie business brought me over for a meeting at the Riverside. Fed and watered me nicely apart from the hot pork pie at half time. Hot pork pie???? Wrong on so many levels!!
  5. Cash with the gloves on, then Drysdale and Sweeney, Merrick, Rogers, Gow, with the 5 up front being Whitehead, Garland, the Cheese, Ritchie and Albert (in his prime......close the stadium gates).
  6. 3-0 down at half time v Peterborough North Star at home, I spent the next 15 minutes trying to explain 2-3-5 to bloody youngsters on the dressing room chalkboard. I threatened the lads I’d nominated for outside left and outside right that if they came off at the end without 1 white boot each from hugging the touch line and hoofing crosses in to the big ugly defender who I’d put up front as center forward, I’d deliver violence at full time. Once we’d got back to 3-3, the Peterborough manager came and sat in the home dugout with me and said, “I know what you’re doing, but these beauties don’t know how to deal with it!” . Those early years watching Bury at Gigg Lane in the 70’s put me up there with Matt Busby that day!!
  7. Was Skuuuuuuuuuuse also KLB? Or was he unlucky and had to go down the divisions to some random Yate school?
  8. As another product of KLB, I’m proud to reveal that having had to stop playing in the Welsh League at 26 due to a bad knee injury, I made a comeback at 50 when managing up at Daventry Town in the United Counties League. Pleased to say that I was still an absolute cart horse but gave a master class to the youngsters in going down loudly in the opposition box whenever I felt the touch of a butterfly on my back! liking what I’m seeing of young Master Pring so far.
  9. Is this really the right forum to be highlighting Michael Gove’s Aberdeen shenanigans (sniff )???
  10. So, the lad has made the perilous journey from the frozen North to the balmy skies of Bristol. Twice in his interview he referred to us as “a massive club”. I really can’t begin to imagine his utter confusion when he wasn’t handed a blue and white quartered shirt upon his arrival. . Anyway, welcome to the Gate, Mickey
  11. And that's still going swimmingly well. Can't wait to visit the location - I'm running low on broccoli………...
  12. I fully agree with the OP. Sometimes relegation can be the best thing to happen to a club, as our G*s neighbors often told us when they briefly visited Division 5. Having taken the opportunity to regroup, appoint a popular manager to bring long~term stability to the Mem whilst journeying towards the new stadium, it has clearly worked for them. It’s only a matter of time before they whoosh past us on their relentless climb to the Prem. I’m envious that they took that route Tbf. Makes sense to me, mind. Elaine, can you bring me another can, please?
  13. I have a business meeting at the Riverside, starting at midday on Saturday. Gotta love being a euro consultant to a Smoggie with a box! Great planning ️
  14. I’ve been up that gurt biggun when I had a decent set of knees. Probably one of my feeder connections got a bit warm
  15. Thanks for letting me know @Coin-op. However, that tenner will get me 6 bottles of Estrella de Levante in the village and a good pagga with the local farmers this afternoon. Money spent wisely!
  16. Dunno what to do this afternoon now……..
  17. I can't get on using Chrome, Safari or Firefox with my Mac. Couldn't get the Celtic match either so I suspect it may not be part of our overseas package. I'm not in the know about these things, too old to know what I'm doing on this computer. Maybe someone more savvy will confirm it's not do-able for us foreigners. Maybe not. The village bar is beckoning, then
  18. given up on the failed tv. Gone to the village bar in campillo. bullfighting repeats on the bar telly and guardia civil on the pi55 and smoking inside. come on you bulls
  19. Same out here @wendyredredrobin. I'd have been better off grabbing a flight back to Bristol and bribing the pilot to keep circling over the game! Just wondering what they're really doing with my monthly standing order. Shoddy.
  20. Just waiting for the glorious day when we sign George Monkey-Spanner. Now that's a shirt for me! As y'all say…….if you know, you know
  21. Easy peasy @maxjak I scored 9 own goals for Leighterton one season back in the 70's. Didn't help that our keeper Tommy Scrivens was a bit of a ventriloquist. The direction that he was calling for a back pass from was nowhere near where he was bloody stood!
  22. That timescale is still achievable...............according to his very nice watch
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