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  1. Thanks for letting me know @Coin-op. However, that tenner will get me 6 bottles of Estrella de Levante in the village and a good pagga with the local farmers this afternoon. Money spent wisely!
  2. Dunno what to do this afternoon now……..
  3. I can't get on using Chrome, Safari or Firefox with my Mac. Couldn't get the Celtic match either so I suspect it may not be part of our overseas package. I'm not in the know about these things, too old to know what I'm doing on this computer. Maybe someone more savvy will confirm it's not do-able for us foreigners. Maybe not. The village bar is beckoning, then
  4. given up on the failed tv. Gone to the village bar in campillo. bullfighting repeats on the bar telly and guardia civil on the pi55 and smoking inside. come on you bulls
  5. Same out here @wendyredredrobin. I'd have been better off grabbing a flight back to Bristol and bribing the pilot to keep circling over the game! Just wondering what they're really doing with my monthly standing order. Shoddy.
  6. Just waiting for the glorious day when we sign George Monkey-Spanner. Now that's a shirt for me! As y'all say…….if you know, you know
  7. Easy peasy @maxjak I scored 9 own goals for Leighterton one season back in the 70's. Didn't help that our keeper Tommy Scrivens was a bit of a ventriloquist. The direction that he was calling for a back pass from was nowhere near where he was bloody stood!
  8. That timescale is still achievable...............according to his very nice watch
  9. Was that the Norwich game where Justin Fashanu head butted David Rogers……..and maybe stayed on the pitch??
  10. I'm still a relative newbie to this club when compared to some of the old codgers above. December 1971 home to Burnley (0-2)
  11. And of the two, I'd rather go into a tackle with Bacall. RIP Mr Foot and condolences to family and friends.
  12. 'HMS PissTheLeague' is adrift, and the current Cap'n has done his absolute best to deliver on his pledge to get those tw4ts out of League 1. Now Gash, go **** yourselves
  13. I found it a tad disappointing that KP had a look of pure disbelief and incredulity on his face when the ref pointed to the spot! To be fair, if I were ever good enough to be appearing in a televised match and had the misfortune of clearly chucking my arm at the ball, I'd like to think I'd look at the ref and give him a "It's a fair cop, Guv" look........and then apologise to my team mates. Don't any pro footballers EVER acknowledge that they've made a complete balls-up? I can't imagine how Mr Palmer thought his protestations of complete innocence would get the ref to say "Nah, you're right, mate. No Penalty".
  14. But they've got 5 games left. 5 wins gives them 15 more points, taking them to a grand total of 71 points* for the season. Upper mid-table finish in my book. *courtesy of Gashmatics
  15. Well I used to be a glass half full type. Now, I'm a glass half broken bloke.
  16. "I know many of you may consider me to be a lousy Chairman but I would like to think that you have found me to be an honest lousy Chairman". Legendary closing statement in these trying times!!!!
  17. I tried to listen to the 'game' on Talk Sport 2 whilst driving down from the North this afternoon. I gave it my best shot but had to eventually switch to Radio 4 Extra as the commentary left me completely perplexed. No matter what names the commentator was saying had possession of the football, I just didn't have a clue as to which team they played for. Totally impossible to enjoy for me, mind.
  18. just to backup your reasoning here @Eddie Hitler I've just looked up the first round attendance figures for the 2013 Tinpot Trophy, Southern Section (South-West Group). Exeter 0-2 Wycombe. 1654 Cheltenham 3-3 Plymouth. 1236 Torquay 0-0 Portsmouth. 1951 Bristol City 2-1 Bristol Nomarks. 17888 You've nailed it my friend.
  19. So not just database error in Spain then, marvellous
  20. Top, top shithousery from SL, well done that man!
  21. Gonna need a bigger server!
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