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  1. "I say he IS the Messiah.......... and I should know, I've followed a few".
  2. "Captain Gas has been provided with a new kit" OH.........MY..........DAYS!!! http://gph.is/2p0IhL4
  3. I've just contacted Geoff "The Oracle" Maltby, Lancashire Hide and Seek Champion 2009 - 16. Even he doesn't know where they've hidden my bloody football club.
  4. Not like them getting someone else to buy something for them, eh?
  5. I have NO Gashead friends. Well, I don't really have any friends at all, to be fair. But if I DID have friends, rest assured that none would be ******** *** ********!
  6. Oh my days!!!! "giving, on, gift, keeps".......well you know the rest. NURSE....... THE SCREENS!
  7. Easy to name the specific areas, mind. Tent End Tent Enclosure Tent Stand and finally, Tent ons of shite
  8. So....... where are we now? Have the family 'studied' it already, as per the delusional one's certainty. OR........ did Wali just say IF we study?????? I am minded to believe the horse's mouth rather than the horse's worst enemy.
  9. Just putting this here for any fencing contractors who may feel hard done by. https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk/web/mcol/welcome
  10. Yeah right, Bert. Keep saying it enough times and it becomes a 'fact'. For the benefit of the rest of us, I say that the person below is 'Bert Tann' and I claim my ten pounds
  11. The whole ongoing sorry saga of our plucky Northern 'friends' is getting waaaaay beyond belief. So much so that any minute now, I fully expect to hear a distant voice telling me "3-2-1 and you're back in the room". I love them all xx
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