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  1. Alternative Title … The Monkees
  2. D-I-V-O-R-C-E … Tammy Wynette
  3. As I frequently point out, probably tediously, Wilson was a failure. Four years and ultimately achieved almost nothing except a destructive player culture which took years to dismantle.
  4. A bit unfair to Gary Johnson who I think achieved the biggest culture change in my lifetime, effectively destroying the alcohol-fuelled culture that thrived under Wilson and which Tins was unable to deal with.
  5. A Man Needs A Maid … Neil Young
  6. At The Edge … Stiff Little Fingers
  7. Our very own Terry Cooper too…
  8. McKirdy released by Port Vale after only playing eight games (without scoring) last season and being ‘deselected’ from the squad mid-way through the year. Sounds a bit of a complex character.
  9. The Ballad of Tim Evans … Ewan MacColl
  10. France was dreadful, but I thought Germany was the best song of the night. Not the first time I’ve backed the song that got nul point mind.
  11. Molasses, Molasses … Spike Jones & His City Slickers
  12. They needn’t bother, obvious that Ukraine are going to win. Not that the Eurovision Song Contest has ever been political of course.
  13. Blimey, that’s not one of their best lyrics, is it?
  14. Danny Wilson?? You’re having a laugh!! The only thing he managed to do was build an attractive squad which achieved almost nothing, not least because he wasn’t a strong enough manager to sort out the drinking culture that was ruining our club. A dreadful waste of time and money. Astonishing that some fans still seem to think he was a good manager. He wasn’t.
  15. Venus in Blue Jeans … Mark Wynter
  16. Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow ... Frank Zappa
  17. Abraham, Martin and John … Marvin Gaye
  18. I may be out of step with others here but I think that Bakinson is a very good player indeed and one who, with the right coaching and guidance, can establish himself at at least championship level. However I know little about his attitude and temperament and if those are indeed suspect then he needs someone he is prepared to learn from. I doubt Pearson has the patience to get him on the right track.
  19. My one issue is not being able to quickly identify opposition players. Having to search online is fiddly and irritating. Shame they never put the opposition team up on the screen just before kick off any more.
  20. Adam Raised A Cain … Bruce Springsteen
  21. Leeds. Anyone who can remember the Revie team of the 70s will always hate Leeds.
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