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  1. OK I am putting my tin hat on ready for the flack my comments will surely get. We have no defensive midfielder. Even when fit James is just not mobile enough and with his injury record will miss a lot of games. Han is just not suited to that role. Our chances of signing a good Championship level defensive midfielder look remote. So why wouldn't we look at Vyner. He is fast, he has a good pass in him (2 assists so far). Yes he has lapses in concentration but I think these would be less critical in midfield. For me he would need lots of coaching but I cannot see any other option in our squad.
  2. In the first half we had good movement and plenty of forward passing options. In the second half we went back to last season with no movement. Each time the ball got played wide at the back our midfield was either hiding or running away from the ball. As soon as the opposition see this, their press is energised. When ever you want to grown at yet another sideways pass along the back 4 take a look at the passing options. This has been the case for years now. I thought our entire midfield went awol in the second half. Also concerning, we were clearly getting overrun in midfield but had no real options on the bench to improve things.
  3. As the author of this post I am shocked and dismayed by most of the reaction. I am not a green nut case, I drive a petrol car and fly quite a lot for work BUT my point was if this package was necessary it would be 100% recyclable if the packer material used to create the indent for the contents was eliminated. The cut out in this section would also have gone to waste. I work in the packaging industry when massive thought goes into creating functional packaging that can be easily recycled. such as getting rid of shrink wrap for coke cans and the plastic rings for 6 beer packs. Bearing in mind the heat of the last few days should we not at least think about recycling
  4. I have just received my new season ticket. First impression was " wow that's nice" on reflection I am not so happy. If the package did not have the foam layer it could go directly into the cardboard recycle bin. With the foam it cannot. The foam is totally non recyclable. Few people will separate the foam from the cardboard. As such over 12,000 of these will go to landfill. The board will break down in time, the foam will take decades. The key ring is nice but I bet that over 50% stay at the back of a drawer or get thrown out for more landfill. Bearing in mind our financial; position, would anyone not been happy with a strong envelope containing the card and if necessary the key ring. This has nothing to do with sale promotion. We have all already purchased. Hate to see such a waste of money and no regard for the environment.
  5. I think that this is finally a side assembled by Pearson. I'm sure its not his dream squad but they all know him and what he demands. I think the dressing room will be more united with some high earners like Palmer gone and slackers looking at Bakinson will smell the coffee. I still would not be surprised to see Kalas go to further reduce the wage bill and I think the likes of Vyner has top accept a move anywhere or sit on the sidelines. My feeling is that any fee over £1.5 mil for Massengo would be worth taking.
  6. I think this a classic case of much potential but little end product. The guys appeals to the young fans because he is sort of cool and they actually have a song for him but I wonder if he was a carrot top form deepest wales if he would get the same interest. For me he is now old enough to have gained some level of consistency and got rid of his 2-3 serious mistakes per game. He shows us occasionally what he can do but far too rarely. He can't shoot and loses the ball in some awful positions. I think he has potential but I hope that a lack of serious offers will make him realise that hype and potential are no longer enough and he has to get his head down and improve a lot. I think his game is better suited to the continent than EFL but if he wants a decent move he needs to show some consistent form.
  7. I find it amazing that the same person who would not eat an apple with a bruise on it or pick up a can with a dent in it will buy some white powder in a bit of tin foil from a total stranger and put it one way or the other into their body. For me anyone who acts in such a brainless way deserves what is coming to them, and when they are dragged into A&E to be brought back to life should have to pay for the whole service. Before anyone says it, yes A&E users as a result of being blind drunk should also have to pay.
  8. I find it amazing that the same people who express despair when they read about the latest teen gang stabbing still think its ok to indulge their guilty secret with a few lines or some whacky baccy "to take the edge off". If they stopped buying the stuff, the market would collapse and so would the gangs because when it comes down to it, its all about money.
  9. Whilst I can clearly see why Vyner and Bakinson got on the naughty step I am really struggling to understand why Pring is out of favour. During our worst form he was one of the few giving 100% where ever he was played and showed fight in the tackle and confidence to run with the ball. I hope he is still here next year.
  10. Bring back the obstruction law, ban grappling at corners and free kicks, kick the ball away at all yellow card, only captain can speak to ref, only 1 substitution after 85 mins, 10 mins in sin bin for "professional fouls"
  11. And by December they will be moaning about playing too many games
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