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  1. https://www.bristolrovers.co.uk/news/2021/july/Wael-al-qadi-letter/
  2. I got 2 x tickets yesterday which randomly appeared on the portal at 12.30
  3. Lydered

    Chris Brunt

    I may be reading/missing something/understanding this the wrong way. Were the medical staff not right though? A few months on and he has retired suggests they got it right surely?
  4. Just had an email to confirm this now
  5. Just had my UEFA login update to 'Purchase to be refunded' for both Scotland & Czech Republic games
  6. Quoted from December 2019 - There wasn't a single football club on this planet budgeting for a global pandemic, I know some people don't like Mark Ashton but really
  7. Pretty sure you'll find there was VAR in this game, commentary said so anyway
  8. https://www.wrexhamafc.co.uk/news/sgm-names-of-potential-investors-released-following-vote https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12079820/ryan-reynolds-and-rob-mcelhenney-revealed-as-potential-new-wrexham-investors
  9. Performance today aside....If we were actually looking to move Fam on... am I right in thinking we probably wouldn't be playing / risking him right now?
  10. They've lost their best player aswell remember
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