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  1. **** me, is it an issue now that there was a maximum 60 second delay/gap of emails being received the club can't win
  2. End of the month? Are you assuming they will actually file their accounts on time for a change
  3. I'm guessing you mean goalkeepers make the worse captains? If so, 100% agree, captain ideally an outfield player and in the mix of things. Korey for me personally
  4. Incredible to think we have signed a striker with the best goals to minutes ratio out of the top scorers in the Championship so far this season, and also mid season in the January transfer window, for a relatively decent fee, brilliant signing.
  5. Ok, I personally don't think tonight's result will have affected his decision if he signs though. Thanks for telling me that I'm mistaken though, just for having a different opinion on something to yours
  6. You're actually suggesting Nketiah's decision could be solely based and swung, on us beating Shrews and potentially playing Liverpool in a cup game
  7. https://www.brightonandhovealbion.com/news/2019/august/deal-done-for-webster/
  8. Can't load to season card for tomorrow (FA Cup) states this on official website.
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