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  1. Club President Wael Al Qadi has today penned an open letter to supporters... Dear Gasheads, I have been here with you now for nearly five and a half years. I hope that through that time you have seen and felt my passion for this club, my openness with supporters and my understanding of the emotions that you feel on a day-to-day basis. We have a diverse fanbase, as was celebrated in our recent kit launch campaign and all supporters are welcome at The Mem to enjoy watching our club together. However, the past four days have been tough for us all and I have seen first-hand that there is division within the fanbase which is not what we want heading into a new season. Firstly, I think it is really important to confirm that as a club we stand firmly against any form of violence. Any individual that is found guilty of any such offences will be dismissed immediately. I understand the concerns expressed by a number of you. However, in line with the basic principles of British law, it is my view that you are innocent until proven guilty. I have seen and understand the response to the statement that was released last night. Given that this is a legal matter, what we can and can’t say as a club is heavily restricted. That said, I think it is important that some context is given to the comment regarding victimless crimes as I know that has caused some distress. The phrase is a legal term referring to cases in which the victim is either unknown or has not made a complaint/engaged with the police enquiries. We in no way meant to belittle charges of domestic abuse. I know that this may have been misinterpreted in the statement last night and I wholeheartedly apologise to anyone that was offended. As has been well publicised we are partners with the team at HerGameToo and continue to play an active role in supporting that initiative. Furthermore, before we were aware of this issue we agreed last week to support a Domestic Violence campaign which we will continue to do heading into the new season. In addition, in 2018 we partnered with the Southmead Project who provide free counselling and support for survivors of abuse and addiction across Bristol and surrounding areas. All of these causes are at the heart of our football club and we will continue to do all we can to support those in need. This period will have undoubtedly strained relationships, however, I hope that we can retain your trust and confidence as we look to continue to build the club and support our wider community. I hope that you can all join me in getting behind the team this season, we need your support now more than ever. FTG Wael Club President Bristol Rovers Football Club
  2. Likewise, struggle to remember now. I think mine just renewed from the season before.
  3. £10 x 35 matches i guess!
  4. Get yourself a VPN (i can recommend Windscribe), you should then get the international option. Once signed up, start your VPN on matchday and stream away. I've found you can switch it off once the stream has started so it wont use any of the free data Windscribe give you.
  5. Odd that the court has recorded that she herself called 999 and asked for him to be removed from the property. Genuinely hope she wasn't bullied into making that post.
  6. I'm no electrician but is it possible your lights are not isolated to your flat and are on the same loop as the flat above? Could be something tripping from there? Would expect it all to be separate though. Faulty light switch? I had a new dimmer switch once that did it, regardless of if it was turned on. Only other thought would be water getting in somewhere? Must be at least one sparky on here surely.
  7. Well taken goal, good pass to release and nice cross.
  8. Literally got one coming in 30 mins. Can't beat Mario's. Got to try this place in Weston a couple of weeks back, you wont be disappointed, everything is good. https://www.thetexaskitchen.com/order-online
  9. Think Gregor has taken this a bit too personally. Sure, NP is not easy to interview and can be a little curt in his responses sometimes but i think that means as a journalist, you need to find the right angle and approach to get an interesting answer you can then write about. Calling him out for not doing an interview yesterday just seems wrong imo.
  10. Need to find that 2nd goal but we've done really well so far. Tight but entertaining game. Bring it home lads.
  11. To the nutter driving around Kingswood in your England decked out van, blaring 3 Lions, i salute you!
  12. He's right. No reason they can't be in the 1st team squad this season. They've generally done well when called on and that needs to be encouraged. Perhaps see how they are nearer the winter window, then look to send 1 or 2 out on loan if they aren't getting minutes.
  13. It is. No such thing as a press, high or not! Lovely to watch though, much simpler game.
  14. Radio controlled car to deliver the ball would of made this so much better. CGI'd in of course.
  15. All 3 are on. £10 per game or an offer of £20 for all 3 i think it is. https://bristolcitypayments.streamamg.com/account/register/step1
  16. A little bit before my time but a player i still know all about. Says it all. Surely he'll be remembered at Wembley tomorrow. RIP Paul.
  17. Lot of new dog owners over the last year, guess it makes sense. Tidy enough shirt, no classic though.
  18. Out of those I'd guess at Martin. Whilst he does come across professional in his interviews i feel there is an arrogant edge to him and there could be a clash of personalities there. Probably completely wrong and they get on like a house on fire.
  19. Powerful stuff. He was very ill and it shows and tells in that video. Great to see you back Steve, best of health and luck to you over the coming months.
  20. Absolutely. As soon as i saw the name he sounded familar. Would never of recognised him today though (even without the disguise!).
  21. Circa 1992... Alberico Evani.
  22. That assistant is one of the highlights of the Euro's for me. Sartorial excellence, well groomed and those glasses...what a character!
  23. Saka the only change for tonight say the press.
  24. Many happy returns Han Noah! May as well lump this in with this thread... ..although i think the conundrum has been solved personally.
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