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  1. When quite a few times as a kid. Loved it. One year a friend of the family got us into the corporate hospitality and they had a spare boat there you could get in. Honestly, i've seen more convincing entries on Red Bull soap box race and this thing went over 100mph! Not the exact boat but you may remember the sponsor and colours if you did go.
  2. Rainbow 6, Destiny 2 (base game is free to play), Borderlands 3, Wolfeinstein 2, Metro Exodus. Warzone not my thing but very good for free. Latest Battlefield game BF2042 is a bit ropey but i've still enjoyed it. Red Dead 2 is superb but certainly not an FPS. Plenty of shooting, action and things to do but it's all 3rd person.
  3. Ugly game in draining conditions. Still a point away from home is good, even more so as it's our first this season.
  4. Just reading the article on the OS when he signed, nearly 6 years ago to the day. We had a busy summer... "Engvall becomes City’s 12th first team recruit of the summer, following on from Josh Brownhill, Gary O’Neil, Diego De Girolamo, Lee Tomlin, Hörður Magnússon, Callum O’Dowda, Ivan Lucic, Tammy Abraham, Adam Matthews, Taylor Moore and Jamie Paterson. The club has also recruited youngsters Jack Challis, Kodi Lyons-Foster and Shabazz Omofe for the development group."
  5. A good run can generate a few quid. Matty Taylor covered his transfer fee with one assist (not £10m!). Is it still a route into Europe?
  6. I'm still a proud owner of a few Fungus the Bogeyman books. Loved those as a kid. Can't forget When the Wind Blows either. Powerful stuff.
  7. Certainly a prickly one from Nige. Not impressed by the ground change or much else right now! Wish they'd give the journos a mic though, can barely hear the questions. Judging by the responses there were a lot of stupid questions a la SOD.
  8. Not looking good but playable for now. Could be a swamp come Jan.
  9. Still a few weeks away by the sounds of it. Could be an interesting month on the keeper front.
  10. Thanks for sharing. Long may he live on in the memories.
  11. Don't misinterpret the job title, she was the manager. Clermont Foot appointed another female manager, Corrine Diacre in June 2014. Diacre thus became the first women to manage a men’s team in France, and in any of Europe’s top two divisions when Clermont Foot lost 1-2 to Brest in a Ligue 2 game. Diacre managed Clermont Foot for 3 full seasons from 2014 to 2017, finishing mid-table, with her highest finish coming in 2015/16 where they finished 7th
  12. Worked so hard for that. Well done ladies, fantastic!
  13. FPS looked better too, not 60 but better than 30. Definitely more data coming down the line today.
  14. Welcome back to another season of Championship football. Very harsh on us today. Good effort lads.
  15. Decent 45. Impressed with Naismith playing out from the back and good set piece delivery. Sykes has done well but those high wing backs will leave us vulnerable.
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