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  1. It's not a high bar to be fair.
  2. What type of work did you do and what experience do you have (if you don't mind sharing that info). There are a broad range of people on here working in many different industries, so someone may know of jobs going that may suit you. If you are looking for work that is.
  3. But you've taken 1 set of data, for 1 team and ignored everything else that has happened to every other team for the whole season, to create your 'second' position. It's nonsense. Fwiw I don't think it can be (entirely due to) a lack of ability. It's either a mental frailty that shows in the last quarter or possibly a lack of fitness that the opposition are seizing on. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I preferred the days when only 1 stat mattered. The final score!
  4. A simple 'Why are we so sh!t in the last 15?' would be better and generate discussion. The op essentially says 'without the dropped points we'd be in the Prem next year'. Which is, frankly, absurd.
  5. And add / deduct all the points won and lost by all other teams to make the table have any meaning at all. The whole premise of the thread is so skewed as to make no sense.
  6. It does appear that LoyalRed has been lending his big book of conspiracy theories to other forummers.
  7. Indeed. No parachute payments to blame this week so back to 'It's the ref's fault'!
  8. Got it. I'd seen that before but had no idea what it was
  9. Which menu is that in? Is it in the info app?
  10. I've got the Corolla self-charging hybrid. 1.8 petrol but anything up to about 25mph and it runs on electric. Also, running down the motorway it keep switching the engine off and using the EM too. No need to charge it so seems like the best of both worlds. Would love to go full electric sometime soon though.
  11. I've been watching football for 50 years and don't remember that.
  12. No parachute payments or referee to blame today. Someone has to get it.
  13. Mike Ashley's got a fair bit burning a hole in his pocket.
  14. The club's owner's business went into freefall iirc. Think he stopped ploughing money into them. Shame really as I think Cornwall would really get behind a league club.
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