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  1. Your post read like you were agreeing with the idea you couldn't even speak to a ref. Apologies if I misinterpreted it, it's been a long day.
  2. Of course you can talk to them! Provided it's done in a calm manner, like in this video. I can't see anything wrong there at all. If that is your idea of confrontation then you've lived a very sheltered life. Have you ever watched a football match before?
  3. That's a hell of an expansion to the Western League
  4. I'm more worried that Harold Shipman managed to sneak in, near the guy in bright green. Cancelling my membership tomorrow
  5. Those three black lads? Had a busy day on twitter op?
  6. He did put the 'keeper off, he literally sent him the wrong way. It's just that his penalty was so shite he managed to miss an open goal from 12 yards out
  7. And we'd have won it with who in charge?
  8. We've never won it with anyone else in charge, what's your point? Southgate has got us further in the competition than any previous manager.
  9. Exactly, reward is based on how much revenue is bought in, just like any other business. You can't complain about women not being paid as much as men when men aren't being paid as much as men. Don't think the Chip lads are on the same as those at the Emirates. It's not sexist, it's simple economics.
  10. Nearly right, it rhymes with thrive though...
  11. Why do England fans always do this, makes us look pathetic and gives all the jingoistic bellends something to feel good about. Makes us look so small-time.
  12. Some time in the early 70s, Noth Bank, Highbury, a dire 0-0 draw in a season of dire 0-0 draws. Would love to see a 1970s version of AFTV! At AG it would be about 1981ish, 3rd division and heading down. City 2 Reading 0.
  13. They don't have to, purchase is optional, not mandatory. The prices seem in line with many other leisure wear / fashion brands.
  14. The Ivy is nice, good food and excellent service. Good location too in the middle of Clifton Village.
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