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  1. Toby Osbourne needs to listen to this and learn how to do partisan local commentary without being overly positive and massively annoying I reckon
  2. Still struggling to see how we are going to score goals this season but hey ho it’s still early days
  3. I’ve noticed a lot more content this pre-season, with 9 Robins Uncuts already and quite a few little interview snippets and behind the scenes stuff. Going into more depth on the medical side of things too - possibly looking to show the fans the level of change since last season and the number of injuries etc. Good to see and hoping the levels of communication from the club remain this consistent moving forward!
  4. I like the idea of a whole match day thread in miniature font on the front of a t shirt with “CONDENSED VERSION: we are shit” in big letters on the back
  5. Possibly “Johnson Out” with the optional arrow pointed downward for an extra fee
  6. It was just a bit of cramp after the Sheffield United game though wasn’t it?
  7. Enjoyed that in the end, last 30 minutes much better than first 60 minutes but hard to tell if that’s because Celtic were tiring against a whole new team. Thought Bakinson and Massengo looked great and the whole second eleven played with lots of energy, whereas the first looked like they were running through treacle at times. Not a bad result given that Celtic have already got a few pre season games under their belt
  8. My initial totally premature reaction having seen just 45 minutes of football is that we are going to lack the creativity in midfield to really do anything notable this season. I think our defence will be solid but not sure where the goals will come from.
  9. Wow it feels like a real climb down to go from the Euros to watching us struggle to string three passes together. Can’t be too critical as it’s the first game of pre season but that was painful to watch
  10. If anyone’s still having issues I downloaded the Bristol city app on my phone and it’s working on that
  11. Anyone having difficulty watching this? I keep pressing “watch now” and it just refreshes the page, rather than loading up the stream. Am using an iPhone and am definitely logged in. Thanks
  12. I’m not sure he’s referring to the football, more their conduct and demeanour
  13. Throwing a spanner in the works for millions of people who wanted to cook dinner during the break between the two games
  14. Kalas and Nagy both having good tournaments now! COYR
  15. We didn’t win on purpose to come second and avoid the group of death. Watch us draw against the Czechs to seal the deal....
  16. Alan Partridge’s This Time is worth a watch. AH HAAAAA
  17. I stopped listening after you said Grealish was shite. What game were you watching! There’s no pleasing some people
  18. His main strength is bringing together a group of players in harmony which is what you need at a major tournament, I don’t think you have time in international football with the turnover of players to instil too much tactical nuance into a team although I accept that may be naive on my part. If he has everyone playing for the shirt and is able to man manage a squad of players, most of whom won’t be starting each game, in a way which unites rather than divides I think that may be half the battle. I don’t think we were a great team in the World Cup but we got to the semis off the back of that alone
  19. I can only assume it’s being read as being patronising, as the guy clearly didn’t know she used to be a professional footballer. In fairness, I didn’t either!
  20. Any chance of him coming back under a new regime? The key decision makers in his departure (Holden and Ashton) have both left. Or would it be a step backwards for us?
  21. Why did it not work out for him there?
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