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    Sounds like we will be playing them at a good time then!
  2. @Harry any more thoughts on recruitment after the start of this window? Do you know if anything has changed since your post or has our recruitment department been underestimated? Genuinely interested to see how we seem to have got our act together this summer compared to the last three
  3. It’s actually got to the point where I couldn’t care less if he’s actually good for us or not, the reaction of the Luton fans and the wider EFL know it alls has made this signing worth it already. He doesn’t even need to play as far as I’m concerned
  4. Holy Christ how did we pull that off
  5. The number of adverts on sky is ludicrous
  6. Ramsey probably not going to be welcome in Glasgow after this
  7. Frankfurt’s penalties have been genuinely incredible
  8. Ryan Kent just reminds me of how poor we were in the second half of the 17/18 season. What a waste that was
  9. For a major European final I think this game has been fairly low on quality in my opinion. Maybe it’s the heat
  10. Let’s not pretend we didn’t all run onto the pitch when we got promoted against Rotherham and when we beat Palace in the play offs
  11. @Davefevsdo you have any stats on how many games Massengo started this season which we won? For some reason most of the early victories I recall James and King started and then latterly James and Williams. I think he best performance was Preston away but we only drew that one. Not trying to have a dig at HNM at all just interested to see what the stats are
  12. They were talking on Quest about the GLT having a 3mm margin for error and having seen the replay I have a feeling that despite the technology the ball wasn’t totally over the line. But the ref had no choice to give it - just a rare occasion where because of the margin for error everyone did the right thing but it could have generated the wrong outcome
  13. Absolutely terrible news. My deepest condolences to them both at this difficult time
  14. He will be a key player for us next season for sure
  15. In fairness they aren’t exactly going talk about how great we are are they?
  16. We’ve done fantastically well to achieve what we have this season without any form of midfield whatsoever
  17. What’s the point in scoring more goals when you concede 73 goals in 41 games?
  18. Didn’t want to go up anyway!
  19. Hang on are you saying our esteemed website got something wrong?? I can hardly believe it
  20. His response to that would probably be if, as a journalist, you get paid to take pot shots at myself and my team every week, you should probably elevate yourself from the status of “thicko” in order to inform your analysis and opinions on my team
  21. I think SL would go for the cheap option and just hire the interpreter to be honest.
  22. Did you say that about any of our performances under Gary Johnson?
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