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  1. When we can keep hold of the ball like Italy did, against the top sides, then we'll be ready to win something (and not play rather grimly for penalties) and perhaps give, if not free rein then maybe enough rein, to our attacking talent and be more positive. Those, or these, greater attacking threats we have that some feel were not used enough are very young but now have a bit of tournament experience and they will be 18 months further into their development at the next WC (should we qualify) and it might be that Southgate feels more confident to trust them. It is possible to look upon this summer as another step or building block along the way to another chance to do something momentous, just as it is possible to look upon it as a lost opportunity that will never be repeated and generally be a bit miserable.
  2. That's the furthest out he's ever scored from (source: the windmills of my own mind) without a deflection, and without including pre-season friendlies v Bath City.
  3. Getting to semis and finals does, though. Have another think.
  4. Cometh the penalty shoot-out, whereth Eric Dire?
  5. Miles better than the shoot-out defeat in Turin, and probably the '96 one at Wembley.
  6. All the tweet/social media haters poised, sweaty fingers at the ready
  7. Like to see the high foot to Phillips' midriff again, was it Bonucci? Funny that they haven't replayed it
  8. Probly why some don't want Gerlund to win, although for anyone with a Fiat, an Alfa Romeo or an ice cream van in Gerlund tonight you rather hope we do/they have a garage.
  9. Only bottles thrown? Where are the piazza chair throwers?
  10. Gulp. I don't think I can watch ....
  11. Those were the days. None of this "helicopter" parenting back then, just "off you go, and don't come back until it's time for your bedtime story"
  12. Was there not a better right back in Gerlund back then? @pongo88 @Ivorguy @cidered abroad@slartibartfast @Robbored ??
  13. If Hugh Johns is doing nothing tomorrow evening, I'd bring him in and drop that Sam Whatsisface to the ben .... to his sofa
  14. Just watching it now, on C4. In colour, no less. No replays, of anything. Or close ups of players flobbing and effing and jeffing. Or diving (Alan Ball should've gone down just now). Think we might do well to go back to this level of televised football. Bobby Moore and Bobby Charlton look decent. And Gordon Banks a reasonable "shot stopper." I like the look of this Franz Beckanbaeur too. Linesman looks a bit iffy this side, though .....
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