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  1. The Office of National Statistics (get a load of this @Davefevs) report that "fewer than three" baby boys have been registered with the name "Nigel" in the past year. Nigel=dinosaur?
  2. Well said, mate. Beats me why Nige won't play Bobby Reid, Webster, Brownhill, Big Fam, Patterson, Joe Bryan, Marlon, Flinty, but I suppose he knows what he's doing
  3. Ashton Gate has long been a ground where liveliness and crowd involvement have been swiftly pounced upon. Watching old "Big Match" programmes from the 70s it amazes me that the fences went up at AG at either end before many others and when grounds such as Upton Park or Highbury never had them at all. The East End was also divided up into small sections (divide and conquer?) while much larger ends such as the Kop were left as originally built decades before so that there was a seething mass of people. Never understand why this had to happen on the East End, and so reducing the capacity, but not the Kop. While Cotts was here we had the club or Bristol Sport appealing for nice, family-orientated moderate language and so on, and Cotts urging us to get a bit revved up and maybe "influence" the ref a bit. They even thought about allowing West Ham to bring a bloody bubble machine, ffs! (Unless that was not the case?) The whole AG experience now is about comfort and convenience and having it nice and easy, including visiting team and supporters.
  4. As Graham says, Bob's mother died that year, 1990, possibly over the summer but I can't be sure now of exactly when that year. Bob was 23 at the time. He also had a six month old child, his first child, at the point we sold him. I think he had a house in Worle (others will remember) but his child at this point was with its mother, in Newcastle. Why were mother and child in Newcastle, not in Worle? To be close to her mother/family? Don't know. Bob was commuting Bristol - Newcastle - Bristol at the start of that season. He has said before that he was doing this commute "every day," which can only have had a negative impact, you would think. Joe Jordan, who signed Bob, and turned his career around, left for Hearts. So, Bob, recently bereaved, working away from his partner and first child, commuting the length of the country, then sees his mentor leave the club and the mentor's assistant, Jimmy Lumsden, appointed. That's Jimmy Lumsden who had himself lost his teenage son about 12 to 18 months prior to the start of the 90/91 season. I think there's enough here, @ashton_fan, to understand why Bob's form dipped after a great start to 90/91, and in my view why Lumsden made the, as Graham also says elsewhere, terrible decision to sell him. Bob is also on record as saying that when Lumsden told him about West Brom's interest/offer, he didn't want to leave.
  5. No? But his automobile is large, isn't it?
  6. He does, every matchday, as he finds himself driving home behind the wheel of a large automobile, struggling to recognise his beautiful missus and his beautiful house
  7. Apparently more than happy with @HMSpisstheleague and the course she is currently steering. Full steam ahead, are the orders. My source tells me.
  8. Why did firms want to run amok in the Dolman?
  9. They came in Feb 87 top of Div 3, with SO'D bossing their midfield. Bought 1200 which was loads for them. 14,500 crowd. We won 2:0, they went up as Champions.
  10. I think the element of "banter" and teasing and devil's advocate is being lost here. My opinion on DD is not what it was in 1993. Looking back on August '92, we had copies to shift and putting DD on the cover shifted copies (more than 3,000, iirc). This might've coloured opinion at the time! My point is lots of people liked the idea that Dziekanowski played for their club (like they once did Norman Hunter and Joe Jordan, and still would now even if they had not been the success they were), making do with the rare flashes of brilliance produced; that for many people football is about more than the pure objective. 8,500 paid to watch Osman's team of triers finish higher in the table than the ultimately disappointing DD/Cole team that drew more than 11,000.
  11. root and branch? Won't work with gash dieback.
  12. If you want. Billy Woof is captain, mind ....
  13. Anyone over 50 remember Billy Woof? Played for Middlesbrough, early 80s. You think I make this up, but it's true: Mr and Mrs Woof of Gateshead had a boy in the 50s and they called him William. Anyway, he's in my Great Name X1 along with Steve DEATH, Reading keeper in the 70s. 1. Steve DEATH 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Billy WOOF 10. 11. I could use some more (come on, it's another tedious international break, with not enough to moan about with the City as we speak), help me out here ....
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