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  1. Boring, was probably the main adjective that hit home to me too from my evening out ...thats not good ..
  2. Agreed I was fed up with it, time for something different
  3. Was thinking the complete opposite to the title, 700 great effort for a team with an average start, travelling 200 miles who have played us loads of times. Rubbish comparison with Blackpool and their completely different situation, and as said probably 100 or 200 more than we'd have up their same date.
  4. Sky red button not working for me, saying interactive services not available ..
  5. yes just noticed its on Sky red button too ..brilliant
  6. Agreed good manager with a good squad and signings there, always going to need a bit of time to get into their stride ..
  7. I agree love the Premier matches and looking forward to watching the Bees, a club I have big respect for and always enjoyed watching whatever the score versus City.
  8. Yeah listened to his Wembley 86 interview earlier and heard him say that, plus saying fifty years after we've gone was poignant too, as for naming a stand etc, I think the club will do something but I don;t reckon it would be a stand or HP Centre more like a mural / picture in the concourse etc ...
  9. I see they have only just under 1000 and are priced at £33.00 ...£5 too much in my book
  10. I agree too, haven't bothered on numerous occasions ..
  11. Remember going to that Chesterfield match mad dog Harle I think, cant ever remember thinking crowds were low, but agreed looking now they do look very odd..
  12. A real shocker on our players, well behind Big Nige's appointment, but I'm struggling to get my head around how poor we've been under him, usually players rise to the challenge of a new guy at least a bit, especially someone of such experience and stature (unless they all hate him I suppose!)
  13. I nearly turned it off when one of the first questions was, why was the Luton game put back, right from NP's first day Ive found some of the questions to him pathetic...
  14. I don't think he's too bad an appointment, did a decent job at Fleetwood and worth another chance by someone somewhere, looking at their fixtures they may well just slip through the door but won't be his fault, need to let him get on with a project of rebuilding them.
  15. I put £10 on Russ Martin and his price went from 8 to 6 ten minutes later not saying I'm totally responsible but it backs up the point..
  16. Yes I agree, I'm generally quite happy to watch a streaming at home rather than a cold night in stands, no huge issues with Ashton and definitely none with SL, Covid has just sucked the life out of going a bit at present, ok poor spectacle is significant but not particularly missed going to be honest.
  17. If you look as something 20 times for about 5 mins its obviously not clear..ridiculous, stupid, arrogant decision
  18. Luton game off now too could be linked .
  19. I work at two sites that contain test centres in North Somerset, both are definitely closed today ..
  20. No interest really until things get 'back to normal' would say the same if top or bottom...
  21. I agree I thought they played some good stuff, all of us watching in our house we're generally more impressed by them despite the result
  22. Weds is a great club that should have a top manager or a top potential manager, maybe with finances and issues behind the scenes Pulis is a more realistic and solid choice, bit like Warnock he'll steady the ship and make them hard to beat
  23. Just going round in circles for me or bouncing to Bristol Sport page (in UK)
  24. Be quite happy if I could just pick up a simple sheet (like you get in Corp before games) with teams and basic info ..though i suppose not practical to produce 3k of them at 2pm and issue...
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