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  1. Could always go back to fences around the pitch! This is the sort of behaviour they were introduced for.
  2. I've ways thought the crowd could start the six second chant, in unison, to remind the ref and maybe gee the keeper up a bit. Would also be more productive than throwing shoes around.
  3. How about introducing a rule that "when the goalkeeper picks up the ball he has then got 6 seconds to release it from his hands".
  4. Think they shared with Gillingham for a couple of seasons then spent several years at the Withdean before going to the new ground.
  5. Williams does this for him.
  6. Try bustimes.org It has timetables but also a map that tracks the buses on the selected route. Beware though the tracking is about 2 minutes behind actual bus location but at least you know if there are buses on the route and their locations.
  7. Have just remembered the correct t shirt printing which was prompted by a TV advert for electricity at the time the Eastville feckers tried to grab our ground when we went into administration. It read "We don't want the gas we're all electric"
  8. Didn't we have t shirts printed " We hate the gas We're all electric"
  9. As one of their players also encroached, not far behind Klose, wonder if the ref thought that cancelled each other out. Well he was that good wasn't he!
  10. Surprised so many are going for Williams inclusion. If we go with back three it was proved in the last game that he does not seem to have the legs or nous to provide defensive cover. Even MP commented on how Bell was left exposed.
  11. Personally from memory I didn't think he did to bad defensively. Problems were caused on his side by Williams being poor at supporting him and covering. Williams was even pointing at him to cover the run of other players when it was obvious it was Williams's responsibility. Yes he made mistakes on the ball but that was going forward. Assume NP took him off because of this and didn't want him to get to dispirited.
  12. Just came across the Mansfield and Bolton programmes. Anyone want them? PM me, can bring them to the game today.
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