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  1. There was a city themed barbers near the triangle was in the back streets Dunne if still there?
  2. Last time I went there we won with a well dodgy pen. Recall they had just drawn man u in the cup and they must have just started selling them after the game because there was a massive que outside after the game
  3. What a understanding they had on the pitch. Pass and move
  4. I would agree with one team. There has been more incidents at home games this season than normal trouble at four games already
  5. His David Beckham vs Wimbledon shot if that would have gone in be goal of the season
  6. If they can put a man on the moon why can't they make a unbreakable wheelbarrow?
  7. Would love to have sat by the old fellas who sang by himself in the grandstand dont make them like that no more you could even hear him in the dolman
  8. The best they could boast was twerton chippy was better than the parkway chippy.
  9. Can recall Graham Taylor also saying we knew how to create a atmosphere recall him saying the atmosphere bordered on evil at vicarage rd he said something like I have not heard noise like that in years that would have been when goater scored there
  10. Redknapp said this in his autobiography. His first one I think he described us as wild
  11. So many managers commented what a hostile atmosphere warnock Redknapp off the top of my head. Can also recall Dario Grady saying his players were scared to go near the corner flag.
  12. I dont think that season's budget was a million miles from what scott Davidson spent ten years before
  13. VIn 2008 I wouldn't say Sl went for it tbf. That team didn't cost a fortune noble Bradley basso dele byfield ivan the two Jamie's who cost the most in the season we played hull out of intrest
  14. Probably fell out in the 90s over which ground was the original library
  15. I recall him scoring a beauty at old Trafford for Bolton I think might have been WBA. Not as good as the overhead kick against brum mind you.
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