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  1. Another game sticks in my mind. Mansfield at home, never saw such a one sided game. Was a draw, i think gavin came on, took the ball past 5 players, and either scored or crossed it for someone?
  2. Devon white was impossible to mark. The game we should have took 3 points from, was the draw with huddersfield at home. Think nicky morgan just joined, or made his debut. Was a night game
  3. Uefa, actually call some of these firms, partners, not sponsors! Betting firms and beer.
  4. I didnt even know he sold it! I think the betting offers they do at half time for instance, is much more tempting to have a bet, I think thats encouraging, to someone to bet more, than a team being sponsored by ladbrokes for example. If they are going to ban this on shirts, may as well ban the adverts.
  5. Only fancy dress i went to was the junior reds gig of 1985. Went in a green jumper, and a swimming cap, i was john shaw! Terry cooper even paid me a compliment!
  6. Dont keep us in suspense, what you going as marcus?
  7. Everytime i watch a game on sky, every other advert is for betting. In the world cup, it was beer. I wonder if mr murdoch, will stop that?
  8. There used to be one over old market, on the main drag. I dunno about now tbh
  9. Just finished pat nevins book Dave. Champagne was in the youth set up with him. As was David Moyes, well worth a read. Jimmy lumsden let nevin go.
  10. What about the streak of all streaks. Ian rush, whenever he scored liverpool didnt lose. That went on for years, bearing in mind he scored every other game.
  11. They have connections, to those snappy dressers chas and dave. We once had the keyboard player from bros, running the gaff!
  12. My grandad, used to collect peoples bets in hotwells in those days,nogbag. He was known as tracker thomas, Him and a gentleman called george workman, used to run the bare knuckle fights. Used to hear some amazing storys.
  13. Grimsby. They play in cleethorpes.
  14. Spot on nogbad, many of the people who lived in the houses, got relocated to lawrence weston. Was there a book, the lost pubs of bristol? If there isnt there should be. Would love to see some pictures of that pub.
  15. There was a city player involved that night, and it was a big thing at the time. I cant recall who. Gary marshall? Anybody?
  16. I can recall, rovers used to give luckwell school, free tickets in the early to mid 80s. I think one person went. Only free tickets i recall, the school, getting from city, was a england vs turkey under 21 game at the gate about 85.
  17. There aint many around there. Avoid the one near asda. Crazy prices down town, you considered, getting a b and b in weston?
  18. I did almost every game in the promotion season under ward. Can recall a outstanding run of wins. Ended at fulham if im not mistaken, and michelle fowler was walking around with tony robinson before the game. I always blame her for that run ending, i dunno why.
  19. Yes, i reckon the crown and anchor shut early 90s. My grandad used to drink in one called the swansea arms at the start of the portway.
  20. Very very clumsy. And thats being kind.
  21. What was the brown pub,end of hotwells rd, before the hill? Still got the outside of a pub now. The crown?
  22. I can recall a fa cup draw, when rovers played derby i think. They gave it out as bristol city, they went mental as you can imagine. Would love to have been in a pub in kingswood to see that.
  23. If you asked a neutral, who do you fancy to get sacked in the bottom divsion this week.. You would only get one name.
  24. If the fans turn against you, and you are in the bottom 3. Its only a matter of time. Even over there.
  25. It took the chairman, about the same time to suss the last one couldnt win a game. If they are in the bottom 3 end of the month, i think his hand maybe forced.
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