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  1. Imagine after the first game in probably 5 seasons we played well for 80+ minutes of the game, defended excellently against a team who finished in the play-offs last year, limiting to their best chance was a deflected shot where the goalie pulls of a worldie and the defender is awake enough and determined enough to follow in to clear and easy tap in for the attacker and claim it was a lucky win and only because Luton were so bad. Not that we were so good. Crazy.
  2. I always thought the "We all dream of a team of Andi Weimann's" would work well for him.
  3. It also meant that when Martin came on he was a lot more effective as he wasn't shattered.
  4. Ah but aren't the laws what the ref deems reckless? Not Mozo from OTIB?
  5. You can just admit you prefer to perve on her... She seems to forget how to speak halfway through a sentence and sort of blurts something out that doesn't really make sense. I'm sure she'll get a bit more confident the more games she does.
  6. When I saw their front line of Adebayo and Morris I thought Naismith was going to be outmuscled and outran, but he dealt with them almost perfectly. He was also very good on the ball. The reverse passes into midfield are a great way to turn into attack quickly.
  7. He just chested Sykes in the back. Never a red for Freeman. Sykes got sent off because the ref saw him get caught/held back when tackled and looked like he went in angrily/out of control. I think the ref got all the decision correct. Sykes was just about a red, Freeman was a yellow and I don't think Atkinson was a penalty although I didn't really see a great angle of it. I actually thought the ref gave us many 50/50 decisions where our players just fell over with minimal contact if any.
  8. I didn't realise we'd signed Seymour, Seymeyo AND Pringle as well.
  9. Back 5 of; Kalas Atkinson Naismith Wilson Dasilva Back up with Tanner, Klose, Vyner, Idehen and Pring
  10. Han will do something really good, like a turn to break the lines or a tackle and it's like his brain freezes and he doesn't know what to do. I think he over complicates it and just needs to release the ball quicker. Williams seems good at finding space to be open for a pass from his midfield partner, whether it's James, Scott or Han, but Han doesn't seem to spot it. For Naismith, he seems very good on the ball (first goal aside) and I like the way he brings the ball forward or places good balls into feet further up the pitch. He seems very slow and not particularly dominating in the air. I think ideally, he'd play left of the back 3, but Atkinson hasn't done anything wrong to be displaced. Maybe swapping them over? Have the more dominant (not that I think Atkinson is particularly dominating) in the middle? Would lose Naismiths organisation to the right, but we've conceded 5 in 2 anyway.
  11. Yeah I saw that, he also made a point of repeating the fact it was Bristol Rovers as though he was so surprised and disappointed.
  12. Of course you can, two yellows and a red. That is three.
  13. Who was their goalie in the 5-0 win? I hope he's playing.
  14. I’d imagine if Han were to sign a new contract, he’d be back in Nigel’s plans who would be more inclined to involve him as he would be guaranteed ‘our player’. It would be interesting to see how Han performs in a team that had our form and performances as we did for the last 10 or so games of the season, rather than a team that only had 2 shots a game and could hardly string 5 passes together which is what the majority of games he played for us has been like. I see his strengths as his first touch, beating a man and driving forward, which would be perfect for our counter attacking style as he often commits an opposition player, beats them and then creates overloads. The next part of finding a through ball, assist or shot/goal is where he is currently no good (out of practice?). I’d see Han as a good back-up/cover for Williams in the 40% of games he will likely miss due to fitness issues. Appreciate Han probably doesn’t want to be back up though…
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