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  1. No that rings a bell too. Weren't Wycombe losing a game which was abandoned early on due to a storm, but then won the replay?
  2. I think the shorts are so we don't see any players winkys during the game.
  3. grifty


    Only by hyper defensive forum losers defensive because someone has an opinion that the West Country accent isn't one he wants his son to sound like. I don't blame him. Maynard is still probably the best finisher we've had since Goater. That goal v QPR will be remembered for decades. He was 'almost' our record sale. He was an extremely good striker until the injury. If we signed a striker now with the same pedigree, ability and potential we'd be delighted.
  4. At least you managed to find something to moan about!
  5. grifty


    Ah sorry, I get you.
  6. grifty


    He really wasn't.
  7. According we are the best away team over the last two seasons in the Championship, that does seem. bit of an odd home banker. Although maybe that's to entice people to bet who don't know about our away record?
  8. The guys crazy! He doesn't have a clue what he's going to do with his feet, but it seems to come off. Always sprinting at 100%.
  9. grifty

    Man City

    My local team is Watford. I've never lived anywhere close to the West Country. I am a toddler too?
  10. grifty

    Man City

    When I lived in Manchester City Centre, every Man U home game, the pubs were rammed full of Man U fans, when Man C were home, the pubs were empty. Outside the core supporters, I don't think there are many Man C fans.
  11. grifty


    I thought Vyner had a good defensive display yesterday, but his crosses are from too deep, and Martin can't win a header so it's always cleared. I'd like to see Zac power down the line as he does have pace and reasonable ball skill. Get closer to the byline and whip a few balls in knee high.
  12. So what are you going to do? Buy the club? Apply for the manager position? Offer to sign as a free agent to play?
  13. So you want to replace the player who has arguably been our best player this season and certainly over the last couple of games for a 32 year old who doesn't move round the pitch or a player who manages 30 mins of football before being injured for 3 months? OK.
  14. I never understand why clubs price fans out like this. Surely 23,000 fans paying £25 a ticket + the extra food, drink, merchandising is better than 17,000 paying £30. It's just whether the £5 decrease would tempt 6,000 extra? Maybe not. We'd need to get 20,400 paying £25 to get the same income as 17,000 paying £30. Obviously these are rough figures not including the extra policing/stewarding that would need to be accounted for.
  15. It's crazy isn't it. They seem to wait for us to have a throw, show 3 replays of a shot, then a close up of the player who missed the shot, then a close up of the manager before going back to play. By then, we've lost the ball!
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