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  1. So we gained a point on all the teams below us?
  2. You've narrowed the field down to 3 other cities you berk. London out, Leeds 1 club city and Bristol is the 6th city.
  3. I see this Saggie is falling for Coughlan's claptrap. As he said on Saturday 'I dont look at the full league table, I just look at the one since I was appointed and I am in a play off place'. Thats alright then, you get em relegated as long as your form is play offs then whats the problem
  4. Think you need to look up the definition of going nowhere, thats the best you can hope for this season. Rovers could only dream of Brentford's infrastructure. If you ever fluked it to the Champ as L1 is such a poor league, it'd kill your club for years. See Yeovil.
  5. Its about time they gave out the Rugger score during the football. Great win, shame Newcastle won too
  6. Yate, forget it. A few known weirdos who support the Gas, otherwise Yate is also red.
  7. Load of patronising guff, Rovers fans should be embarrassed to be so looked down upon by a club in their same division
  8. They seem to be good at picking up these bonus points, shame they couldnt have kept it to 7. Thankfully they dont have goalscoring points in football, we´d be screwed this season.
  9. Especially as they managed relegation when 3 points clear with 1 game left. They are in good form but not pulling clear of the line. When the form changes they are in big trouble.
  10. And then someone else questioned why 700 is closer to 800 than 1,000! I agree, they are pretty amazing... really amazing...
  11. Finally the League? Seems like ages since they played, let along a League game
  12. Coughlans interview was well out of order, blaming all and sundry for appointing such an inexperienced referree. Fair enough it's the blokes first season on League One games but everyone starts from somewhere and does Coughlan really think the Gas deserve Collina running their games?
  13. More insensitive that Cardiff are withholding payment I would have thought
  14. Is that not two games in a row theyve beaten us due to a last gasp penalty try?
  15. Live scores looking good, three away wins in matches involving the bottom 3
  16. There are two types of Gasheads in my experience. One group who are totally thick, gullible, the likeable village idiot. The sort you must have been drinking with today. The other group are up themselves, full of shit, arrogant, smarmy assholes to make up for their inferiority complex.
  17. Damn, just when they look like a midtable team they get dragged down again
  18. They dont seem to understand the patronising nature of these comments. Pompey take 1,000 no one is saying what a great attendance. Bradford take 1,000 no one is saying what a great attendance. Rovers take 1,000 and it's fair play to the Gasheads, a great attendance with the missing ending of for such a small club
  19. They are a rabble at the back https://streamable.com/wy25l
  20. Just one (playing 10 men) Wimbledon goal and one Sunderland goal away from bottom of the league
  21. https://streamable.com/llz97 Nice goal, the Rovers defence nowhere near
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