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  1. One of the worst half’s I’ve seen from City in a long time. Don’t understand game plan or tactics here, it’s the first time Iv began to question whether Pearson is right man for job I’m not expecting much from this game, but similar to Bournemouth where the team just isn’t performing or putting the effort in.
  2. Everyone I click on this stream the page freezes - am I missing something?
  3. I feel sorry for Pring, he’s been one of our best players this year (in games Iv seen) playing in a new left wing/left forward role, then gets moved to left back for one game (where he has a poor game) and now is out of the team meaning we have to go back to 352/3412 because we don’t have many wide options. Lost count of how many diff formations we have tried this year…..
  4. I think that’s a little unfair on JD who is a quality left back at this level. Granted every player has bad games but in terms of ability he’s right up there for me.
  5. People talking about January buys but I’m presuming that FFP rules won’t change in Jan, and it would still be the case that City have limited funds - unless revenue from start of season to Jan (with gate receipts etc) can be used and give us a transfer kitty? Any idea @Davefevs
  6. That half was all about Tanner and his big double tackle to get crowd going well done to Scott for being positive on the ball too and his goal.
  7. Let’s go for it……. (If HNM/Atkinson avail) Bentley Tanner. Kalas. Atkinson JD James. Massengo COD. Scott. Pring Weimann High press, lots of pace/energy up top with overlapping full backs. Martin needs a rest and Wells still dosnt convince me.
  8. Regarding King, in terms of playing style he’s no Williams or Massengo, but he’s quite clever positionally. Watch him carefully and he does win a lot of second/loose balls and does always try to make himself available for simple passes. Plus he has contributed with a few goals/assists early in the season. He’s a good option who came as a free and on low wages, and is probably a good model pro to have around the club, but he won’t stay beyond this year
  9. The poor pass completion was because B’mouth played a very high line and had everyone except Kelly and Cahill in our half, so players rushed passes and lost ball more times than normal. The game was another mini wake up call for anyone thinking we could achieve anything more than mid table this year, but I’m happy with that as always knew it was a year of consolidation.
  10. Anyone able to give some insight into questions/answers last night?
  11. Other than a good 20min cameo against Cardiff can someone explain why so many people have Semenyo in their team?
  12. Nice and simple. Name your current 11 Bentley Tanner. Kalas. Atkinson JD Williams. James Massengo Weimann Wells Pring
  13. Think you’ll find it’s drum n bass
  14. I’m glad the lineup looks attacking and so long as there’s a good performance il be reasonably content, but I don’t expect any points today. Getting anything today will depend on getting subs right Hopefully il be proved wrong…….
  15. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not Baker at left back He might have been MOTM officially but that was prob due to the goal, he still looked shaky at left back and needs to stay centrally. Pearson has a tough decision to make choosing 2 from Kalas, Atkinson or Baker but he won’t go back to a back 3. A better option would be to keep Kalas at right back if he really needs to play them all and JD/Pring at left back
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