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    BCFC - Pole Dancers - Lap Dancers - Exotic Dancers - Just Women Dancing really - Short Skirts - T Bars - Tight Jeans - ENGERLAND - BCFC Memoribilia especially Old Pin Badges and programmes - I collect Cigarette Rolling Papers from all over the world (cough cough)

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  1. Was only thinking about that game yesterday... Five of us went up in a car and a local landlord had a brother who ran a pub in one of the towns just outside so had set up for us to pop in there around 3pm (eve ko).....we arrived to a full buffet laid on for us.....he was expecting a coachload....we had a whip round to help pay him for his efforts....had loads of trays of sarnies and mini sausage rolls etc in the car on trip home....
  2. Yes, those bloody tides ...i blame Mark Ashton...
  3. The muff were good but any other team could have beaten us today...
  4. Hope we win of course but Feel of Another score draw for me...COYR
  5. Car parks A & B full.....just booked C which i assume is also filling up quickly ... Places also left in the shopping area car park ...
  6. Too many to choose from....
  7. Does anyone recall seeing Ken Baily supporting the muff at AG?
  8. Don't be silly, the Bridge wasn't built back then....they had to queue for the ferry..
  9. Thorpey's from Aaron Browns run and cross was my fave.....followed by Garlands header....but JET is defo close..
  10. The goal line is also obscured in some areas..
  11. Winning First ball was always Fammy's job...now no one attacks it
  12. Remember it well......joined the queue at the turnstile only to find myself behind two of my old teachers....they said no way they were going to miss what could be the last game...
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