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  1. My kids wanted to switch right over to the Brewers game at FT - er, no.
  2. Well I’ll be a giant squid on a Penny Fathing - we did it!!!! Some lessons for City on game management there. Thrilled to bits for them. Spent most of the morning shaking my head at some of the condescending oh-so-witty memes people I thought I respected have posted. Fools.
  3. Superb goal from Toone but completely against the run of play - Germany called the tune practically the entire second half and we let them have far too much of the ball. Hope I’m wrong but I have the awful feeling that we’ve seen this movie many times before.
  4. They didn’t have any problem filling Ewood during the Shearer and Sutton era - where have all those loyal fans disappeared to?
  5. Interested to see what his reply is. I remember when Wigan played in front of one man and his dog at the worst ground in the league. Artificially propelled up the divisions by a sugar daddy. Football takes a massive back seat to rugby league in that part of the world.
  6. Community-centered club supported by local people in an economically depressed town, giving the residents an outlet to forget the stresses of life. That’s what football’s ethos is, not winning trophies or being a “big club”. If that means playing friendlies in Asia and Australia then the plastics who follow the “Big Six” are welcome to it.
  7. What are you talking about? Biggest crowd in the EFL this weekend, their fans turn out in huge numbers home and away every week, and have stayed loyal despite the unmitigated dross they’ve largely had to endure for years. The people of that town absolutely live for their football and they are miles better than that overrrated bunch of Skunks up the road. They’ll pack the Atyeo to the rafters next week and it’ll be a terrific occasion.
  8. I’m surprised he’s surprised, given FGR won their division last year and they squeezed in the back door after an already-relegated team completely threw in the towel against them in their C*** Derby on the final day. It must really rankle with the scum that a team from a town with a population of about 6,000 is consistently outperforming them (and no, I haven’t forgotten they put us out the league cup last year but there’s a world of difference between a shock in a one-off tie and showing them up consistently in the league).
  9. Ah, always used to LC being second game. I blame Qatar! Still wouldn’t mind a cup run this season.
  10. Agree that Sykes looks the business - his nifty bit of footwork to tee up James’s header that required a decent stop from their keeper was a wonderful piece of skill. Bents made a superb save first half too. One thing that irritates me, we do tend to find ourselves in a very advanced position upfield and too often we end up going backwards into our own half. Of course you don’t want to surrender possession but I feel we should have a bit more belief and drive at defences a smidge more. I know the League Cup is considered expendable but I’d like to see us really go at Coventry. Two defeats wouldn’t be ideal preparation for a Sunderland side who will probably fancy their chances.
  11. I’ve very little time for Plymouth Argyle, they hate us, my dad’s side of the family are from East Devon where anything green is verboten, and Hollowhead managed them at one point. But considering practically every away day needs a weekend making of it and theirs is the largest city in Europe never to have hosted first-class football (Not counting Man Utd contesting a UEFA Cup tie there in the 1970s) they have a very good fan base, I do concede that. They also apparently don’t care for the Quartered Mob either so they’ve got that in their credit column.
  12. Spot on, Sharton! Good to see them losing late goals as well as us.
  13. Beaten by an imbecilic piece of officiating and a wicked deflection. Absolutely infuriating to lose it at the death again but I saw enough today to think we will kick on from last season. So-called supporters already calling for the manager’s head - embarrassing!
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