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  1. did he shave "Prowed" into your head after you showed them your city tatoo?
  2. to give Stroud his due i thought he was ok, the linesman/assistant was awful though, he kept waiting for Stroud to make a decision before flagging and missed a blatant push right in front of him.
  3. for me the biggest takeaway from the tournament is changing views and attitudes on women's football, mine included, i think its come a huge way in a relatively short time and there was some genuine quality in England's attacking play which i haven't seen before this tournament. there were lots of young girls watching in the record crowd who will be keen to emulate what they have seen which can only be good for the future of the women's game.
  4. how on earth can you get cramp on 1st game of season?
  5. Asking for a friend... Is there a stream for non uk tomorrow?
  6. "I propose we hit Lewes hard and we hit them fast, with a major, and I mean major, leaflet campaign..."
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