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  1. Great team performance, was impressed with COD who was a great outlet for max's long passes and like the rest of the team gave Cardiff defense a torrid time.
  2. My wife is currently in hospital following a second operation to remove bone cancer. We have been told it went really well and it's all gone so totally know the ups and downs with this horrible diesese. Hopefully like Mick now on a permanent up..
  3. Been impressed with max in goal, some really accurate distribution.
  4. We seem to be first to the ball, Fulham giving lots of fouls away
  5. My attempt we start at an island all covered in grass where young Alex Scott was scratching his ass. He came to the city to score lots of goals to drink lots of scrumpy and live down in knowle.
  6. Ok let's not start a cock fight over it.
  7. Agree and he can drop into midfield if we need to defend a lead which is a great asset to have.
  8. We are still inconsistent but have a young team so will improve this. So much better at home now compared to start of season and 2nd half of last season, COYR
  9. We need a change of shape at half time or I agree we may go 2 or 3 down. They have far too much pace for our defense
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