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  1. If it is holden how on earth is he going to last with the current squad, we look like we dont have a solid starting 11 as we have so many players for all sorts of formations. I can't see Dean holden getting enough time to make his mark on the squad or getting the support he would need to turn this around. It looks like we are about to lose some key players such as eliason.
  2. So you genuinely believe that anyone on a forum who disagrees with the clubs approach should support another team?
  3. if you want that you should really be airing your views in a forum. Oh wait a minute............
  4. Ive nothing against holden but it would seem like a very odd appointment after sacking LJ for underperforming and then taking on his former number 2. I must admit then MA had the interview a while back and was biging up holden that sounded like they were looking at him. If they do take on holden ill support him as the city manager but with his appointment there wont be a honeymoon period with the fans and it could end up a very short term appointment if he donest hit the ground running.
  5. It was the only pic angle i could take where i wouldnt get in trouble for photographing skimpy bikinis
  6. I must be really sad. Currenty sat on a beach in brittany looking to see what the latest is on the new manager.
  7. Whist i dont think that holden is right for the job and we need to push on as a club i hope this isnt true as it would be a shitty way to treat an employee of the club who with lj did a decent job moving the club forward.
  8. After the process and names banded around in the press this parrot sums up my reaction to this news.
  9. Sounds like a french file sharing site
  10. To be fair there were some interesting Candidates who put themselves forward early on such as Christoph Daum. Perhaps he is one of the 8 they are interviewing? if he has applied and with his pedigree he would at least earn an interview imo.
  11. I just thought i would add a screen grab of my last bill to give an example
  12. Hi all not a plug or anything (although it sounds like it) im on all electric at home inc heating and switched to octopus agile in jan, so far my average rate has been 7 pence per unit saving around 50% off my old bill with SSE. you need a smets 2 meter for it to work and it bills you half hourly. just thought it worth sharing in these times where money may be tight going forward. if you know anyone with octopus ask for a code and you both get £50 too. i wont share my code as i mentioned this isnt a plug or advert and i dont work for them or anything but i just thought wo
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