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  1. Rovers could sign him on a free transfer, must be better than some of thier current squad.
  2. There was one food/drink outlet with no vegetarian options I was disappointed that no season ticket discount but burger was OK, parking was good in qeh next door which is a 2 min walk. The view was very good and you could sit or stand around half the pitch.
  3. Caught in possession far too often rather than playing simple ball has cost the half lewes playing diagonal ball which we are struggling to deal with
  4. Not a big thing but you would expect your season ticket discount to work at the high performance centre as well as Ashton Gate. It doesn't.
  5. Decided to go to game today, its really hot with stand in full sun.
  6. True, for me the more shocking fact is that no english manager has ever one the prem.
  7. Thing is with bartons two legal battles coming up I doubt they can afford to sack him unless he is convicted in o e 9f them and they can go for gross misconduct. I think they are in a much bigger mess than everyone realises.
  8. 3rd from bottom but two points from bottom
  9. Robins tv has frozen, if they want our money then the need to fix this as its like watching a dodgy stream.
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