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  1. red panda


    Very misleading picture I'm afraid. The current situation only arose because, earlier on in the season, most of the less successful foreign managers (e.g. Aitor Karanka, Phillip Cocu, Sabri Lamouchi) were sacked and replaced by English managers. What on earth were those club owners thinking??? There was a similar picture last season with quite a few underperforming foreign managers being sacked (e.g. Pep Clotet, Jose Gomes, Daniel Stendel, Jan Siewert). In the previous five seasons, Fulham, Sheff Utd, Villa, Cardiff, Brighton, Burnley and Hull have all managed to get promoted despite the huge handicap of an English manager. Sorry if that ruins your theory!
  2. His last match in charge of Palace will be at Anfield. Praying for an away win
  3. Excellent news, shame we're not playing Wolves next season
  4. Sorry I simply don't believe this. I was under the impression that an injury list this long could only possibly be the result of an evil plot devised by Mark Ashton and implemented by Andy Rolls, and that we are the only club in the country with such a problem
  5. As a student, away from Bristol and with no TV to watch Ceefax, for midweek games I'd need to rely on Sportsdesk at 9.55pm on Radio 2 (I think). If I was in the bar at that time, or Sportsdesk didn't give all the results, then I had to wait until the next day's papers and hope the result was there (though sometimes it would be shown as L-L )
  6. Dear Captain Hindsight I raise you Scott Parker. He had less managerial experience than Holden, but that appointment worked out well. Every appointment, whether an old hand or a newbie, is a gamble. Some succeed and others fail. That's football. If there was a sure fire way to pick a successful manager, all 92 clubs would be doing it. But there isn't. Sorry if this ruins your narrative.
  7. Assume you mean Alex Ferguson - who was nearly sacked in early 1990 (one story being that a certain Mark Robins saved Fergie's job by scoring the goal that kept Utd in the FA Cup). It took even Fergie a long time to start winning titles.
  8. I hope we're not all going to panic if there's no announcement soon. As well as finalising all the details of NP's contract, there are probably lots of other things to sort out before going public, including who the backroom team are going to be and sensitively managing the departure of any current staff who won't be required next season. These things take time, and it's more important to get them right even if it means delaying any public announcement for a few days (cue press conference).
  9. Pure speculation, almost certainly 100% pure steaming BS, and more and more negativity as usual from this poster. I'll gladly eat humble pie if you are proved correct. But I very much doubt this will be necessary.
  10. Because we'd be Robins' Robins (no other reason)
  11. Hopefully the last we see of Wells in a City shirt?
  12. The post below addresses the second part of your question better than I could. As to the first, haven't you noticed how many millions we (and almost every other EFL club) LOSE each year? I really really don't get the hate for someone that has ploughed many many millions of his own money into our club (supporting annual losses as well as investing in hugely upgraded infrastructure). But I realise this won't convince you. Just continue with your irrational hatred ....
  13. That's really insulting to compare SL with the US owners, Levy, etc. He's certainly not in it for the money. Be very very careful what you wish for. And no, I'm not connected with him (or MA or any other of the hate figures that have delivered a fine stadium and achieved what was just a dream of establishing us in the Championship).
  14. Not sure it's that odd. In business it's quite common for CEOs to move around after a few years when they fancy a new challenge
  15. Disagree, it's the clubs that have offered higher and higher wages to try to attract the best players they can. If someone offers you a bucket full of cash, would you refuse it? The Premier League is a hugely lucrative product, and it's only right that the people that create that product - the players - get a fair share of the value they create. Or should we go back to the old days when BBC and ITV collude to keep down the price of television rights?
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