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  1. Great thread mate! There are a couple of first games after promotions that I enjoyed. Beating Blackburn 4-2 in 1990 with crucial goals from super Bob Taylor https://www-bristolpost-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/how-bristol-city-made-major-3636722.amp?amp_gsa=1&amp_js_v=a6&usqp=mq331AQKKAFQArABIIACAw%3D%3D#amp_tf=From %1%24s&aoh=16281128896351&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bristolpost.co.uk%2Fsport%2Ffootball%2Fhow-bristol-city-made-major-3636722 I also remember being really excited when Soren Anderson bagged 2 against Oxford in 98. At that stage I was convinced we were going to have a great season...
  2. Didn't Modric find himself held hostage for a further year after grumbling about his 'gentleman's' agreement? He wasn't let go until the asking price was met...I think.
  3. I personally thought we put in a very reasonable performance v Villa, save for some defensive clangers. I was very happy with how we broke the lines and found space in wide areas.
  4. Let's be fair, none of those games tell us much about the season coming.
  5. I suppose the most instructive xG figure in this conversation would be the xG achievement of specifically our forwards. Diedhiou I would imagine would be above his xG because he had some super sub games. Wells and Semenyo and would in my mind be trailing xG but I stand to be corrected! Weimann we would have to go back a season. Martin probably 1:1 because he doesn't find himself in scoring positions often?
  6. Obviously you are right that the Villa game tells us nothing about our goal threat in the coming season. It was, though, a very familiar experience seeing City struggle to break a defence down (although we were getting the ball in much better areas than we were for much of last season). It's definitely a valid question - do we have enough firepower? - just looking at the profile of the squad tells us that. Weimann, Wells, Semenyo, Martin... all serve us well at times in different ways, but none score regularly. The question then is, is it a problem with these individuals or is it a problem with the broader team (delivery etc). A lot of people seem convinced that certain individuals could be more prolific if they are played in the right position, and no doubt each of the players would claim they need regular game time to unleash their best output. Do we have good enough goalscorer to achieve our xG? I'm not convinced. We might need to create a lot of chances to score the requisite goals.
  7. I see where you're coming from there. I guess a gritty, uninspiring unit is only palatable in the context of last season. It's a steady the ship season, and you would hope for year on year improvement both in terms of results and playing style. I think Nige has shown his hand in pre-season right from the early friendlies a pattern emerged and the team v Villa was relatively predictable (unlike any game last season!)
  8. He looks a lot better in those highlights than I remember him being!
  9. If you asked me who I trust more out of Wells and Bell, I'd struggle to decide. Obviously Nige will go for experience and the old guard of Weimann, Martin and Wells will dominate selection this season and we really need to see the best of them.
  10. mozo


    It's a good question because we won a fair few corners yesterday and delivery was decent most of the time but I don't recall us properly connecting with any of them. Free kick and corner routines are really important, especially in home games when you tend to have to break down a resilient defence. That Cotts team were dangerous at set pieces and I'm sure we're working on it currently.
  11. If ever there was a game in which you could afford to take a gamble and start Scott and Bell it's home to Blackpool with 45 games still to go in the season if you don't win. Go on Nige
  12. We play Swansea at home, 4th game, so really hope their turmoil continues...
  13. Got to sympathise with players that get injured during pre-season. All the fit players get a fresh chance to establish themselves and the injured lads just go further back the pecking order. A fit Cundy would have had a great chance of breaking through but alas he is running out of time.
  14. I thought Wells looked very enthusiastic in pre-season but (usual caveats) I personally think he's been very hit and miss with his quality. Yesterday he wasted a few opportunities by running into defenders or poor touch, which could be put down to the pitch or rustiness but when you see total, natural ball control from Scott, even when surrounded by opposition players, it makes you wonder if with Wells you just have to take the rough with the smooth (a la Weimann) and some of us will accept that and others won't.
  15. Yeah (usual friendly caveats apply but...) Bakinson didn't seem to be on it yesterday.
  16. Just watched the Exeter game... Alex Scott the most impressive player on the pitch. Williams showed glimpses of his class too.
  17. I have literally no idea what to expect
  18. As we learnt last season, don't expect goals.
  19. Dave, I genuinely don't think I'd seen that thread so I'm pleasantly surprised that I'm not the only weirdo that saw that resemblance! I also like that he has just the right amount of arrogance and swagger for a young striker. He doesn't look like he struggles with self doubt which I like. The key now is does he have the football intelligence, physical resilience against powerful defenders and can he put his chances away in front of big crowds with big pressure.
  20. This is probably me being a bit odd (very rare, I know...), but there's something about Conway looks-wise that reminds me of a young Alan Shearer, and now in my mind I want him to be the new Alan Shearer!
  21. I missed the game, would anyone care to summarise? PS I have read the thread but that doesn't give the most coherent summary!
  22. What about his amazing sliding tackles though?!! He looked the fittest player on the pitch today. Interesting to hear Wells say how creative Palmer is but that we don't see enough of that from him. Meanwhile Wells said Moore hasn't been given enough of a chance yet.
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