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  1. I think it was Peter Johnson, on loan from Newcastle?
  2. My Dad would be so chuffed to be on the front cover of the programme. 5th from the left on the bottom row, we lost him suddenly last November. Thank you so much to the club for this fantastic tribute.
  3. What the hell is that attempt to replicate the Tote at Eastville? Talk about living in the past, they just need some 35 year old Hofmeister on draught to go with the fake Fanta they already do to make this complete. Its a real shame that Thatchers have their brand associated with such a tinpot club.
  4. This is so incredibly Tinpot, I thought is was a piss take at first. Although, we have to remember that they have only been a Football league club for 2 seasons. Another thought, with the Pie Eating competition, temporary toilets, wet weather ponchos and tents, they could play at Butlins in Minehead when they go skint and feel right at home.
  5. No pot there, because if that is Wally there having a big piss, we all know that he hasn't got a pot to piss in
  6. A real belter from a sag on RB earlier was that they should build the new Arena by Temple Meads so it could host football and concerts. She then went on to say that 'City only got planning permission to redevelop their ground beacuse there are no houses around it' Are these jokers for real?
  7. With 6 matches to go, 4 at home and 1 '6 pointer' away-we have to make a change now to stand a chance. Don't really care who it is-just someone on a big bonus to keep us up, who can sort this shambles out and put some passion back in.
  8. Oh yes, seen us crash too many times this season from winning positions- come on lads see this one through.
  9. This is really good news, more opportunities or us to sign anyone any good for peanuts or £300k to be more precise.
  10. It makes sense now why their game at Crawley was an early kick off, they must have sought special permission from The FA so they could watch our game on the telly. The FA, knowing that they are totally obsessed with us, duly obliged.
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