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  1. Well he needs to sort his commitments out Wedding, pfff
  2. I can’t remember individuals, but I’m sure there were instances where we signed players and were told they’d been on our radar for years. Didn’t we first spot HNM as a 15/16 year old? I’m sure there’s short term and panic buys mixed in too though!
  3. And, in defence of North Somerset, there’s a very public, Olympic size, swimming pool just outside Gordano School every time it rains heavily.
  4. Welcome back @Harry, good to hear from you again. Really interesting, and clearly something you know and care about. One thing that worries me on this is that I doubt this is something we can just leave until the next/summer transfer window and don’t need in place now. I imagine (and I’ve heard previous managers confirm) that recruitment takes considerable planning and time. It’s not like the weekly shop; make a list the night before then go out on the 1st Jan and buy a player. Those manager have spoken about identifying, tracking, monitoring targets taking months or years before they are signed. Presumably that’s not happening - or if it is any new incumbent might have different ideas. I always felt that the “signings” of Weimann and Baker felt odd. Never really known that happen before - although covid effect on the market has never happened before. And you have to say that neither signing has been a success so far.
  5. I don’t disagree with most of this, but the first paragraph: it’s written on the ticket, so I’m not sure how difficult it can be! Don’t want to know, or too drunk to read maybe.
  6. Sorry to hear that...I hope your friend is OK now?
  7. I'm not sure that 'it is what it is' makes it right though. You're right: it's generally not a huge issue, especially when we don't sell out, and people know the routine and get on with it. And that's fine if both parties are considerate of the other. And much of the time that's the case, and people respect each other. But it becomes very one sided that's not the case. In the scheme of things yesterday it wasn't the worst thing that happened - although the earlier post from @Bcfc54 highlights what the consequences can be. But it's the attitude that goes with it - its my right to get pissed up, to do what I want, to threaten steward if I cant get a drink, to set off flares regardless of who's nearby, to walk all over other fans to get to where I want to stand, and to stand there regardless of the needs of those around me. It all goes together - from a minority, but on some trips a significant minority.
  8. But those first few rows were pretty full, so how do you know that other elderly or disabled people who couldn’t sit there were having to stand elsewhere? I’m not aware that it was a big issue yesterday as it happens - and certainly not in the context of all the other crap going on. But I’ve seen it on plenty of occasions where the scenario @RedM describes has happened: the seats further back being full so just stand anywhere - to quote one poster on here ‘as long as I can stand with my mates I don’t give two ***’.
  9. But they do have an issue. That’s the point. They have an issue when some bunch of tossers come and stand in front of them at 2.55.
  10. Threads with titles like "Today" and "Tomorrow" don't age well, do they?
  11. And not just any random away concourse, but one that was small, enclosed, low ceiling, and packed, making it hard for anyone who needed to to get out quickly. That's why I asked @bris red if he'd been there. Because I defy anyone who was there to argue that what happened wasn't unsafe. I've got a particular view on this because I've got a friend who's got cystic fibrosis - and follows City. When your lung function is 30% then these things are a real problem outdoors in the stand. In a setting like the concourse yesterday they're literally life threatening.
  12. Oooohhh, I love a thread where a single punctuation mark can cause such controversy! Seriously, good news. Good luck to them.
  13. I agree that would help. Some clubs do that - us included apparently although I didn’t realise that till seeing it above. The problem with the numbered seats on tickets is that if we don’t sell many tickets then sitting where you want is what tends fo happen anyway and there’s no problems. If we do sell lots then it becomes impossible for the stewards to police that - as was evidently the case yesterday. So it just happens by default. I understand @54-46’s dilemma when there are 8-10 of you. I guess you just have to get there early enough - and given the numbers who seem to emerge from the bar at 2.59 most matches - probably not that early!
  14. I think you’re dead right with this Dave. It’s what I said at the time. It’s a real tough one for the officials. From the perspective of where we were stood, it was impossible to judge the positions, we just saw the move, the ball go in the net, there was even time to then glance at the lino (as I often do) and throughout all that his flag was down. Then you see the Albion players, and a bank full of Albion fans, all throwing their arms up in the air and, even a second or so after that, he puts up his flag. It really looked like he flagged in response to those appeals. I’m sure that wasn’t the case, but it was one of those occasions when you’d probably benefit from the ref being able to explain it. Mind you, the ref and that lino got one or two other (less consequential things) completely wrong when they didn’t work together as they should have done.
  15. It’s pretty evident from this thread alone that that’s not the case.
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