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  1. I'm not even going to start trying to work out what it's going to cost in diesel in the car!!
  2. It's a shame you can't trade FFP headroom, like carbon credits. We could buy some off them!
  3. Yeah, but if you or I or a drunken karaoke singer was up there singing them it wouldn’t be quite the same, would it?!
  4. Blimey, it’s like a matchday thread on here! The moaners out in force I’m enjoying her and it looks like the crowd is having a great time……
  5. It slipped into shot briefly during Noel Gallagher! Long enough to be obvious and read!! Great to see the Be More Ben flag flying high.
  6. 100% Dave Worst player we've signed? Not by a long way. Worst signing from a timing/strategy/planning point of view? Definitely up there.
  7. Offered him more money and/or a longer contract. Not saying for a moment that either would have been the right thing to do.....just that there were things we could have done.
  8. Mmmmm….I thought I used to enjoy my football back then, but when you put it like that I’m not sure why
  9. Have you got a spare room for a refugee from 5ft up on the High Street?!!
  10. If you’re after the piece on the flooding, it was quite near the end.
  11. C4 News reporting live from Portishead on the report today about all the homes and businesses that will be lost to climate change and rising sea levels over the next 30 years. North Somerset has the highest number of any local authority in the country, and Portishead has a high proportion of those. So maybe it’s not going to be worth bothering with the railway line….
  12. Indeed. And he made a very good point about the line being a two way benefit now. Historically it was always about Portishead residents getting to work in Bristol. But nowadays it would help residents from S Bristol to access jobs in Portishead. Mind you, he then went on to talk about pylons and how the national grid don’t compensate farmers properly: he’s a staunch opponent, apparently, of those in positions of power who think they can ignore the law or ride roughshod over it without being held to account by an independent arbitrator. And he had the nerve to say that without a hint of irony.
  13. Wow.l.that’s a big shift, isn’t it. There was a time when the Dolman was always the fullest stand.
  14. @Roger Red Hat was right: there were about 4 MPs in the house. (I wonder if Rees Mogg was there leaving notes for the missing ones) I didn’t hear the speech, but on TV subsequently he was basically saying that the funding shortfall is £15m, that he’s pushing for this to be found from existing budgets, that he’s hopeful it will be, and looks forward to the money being found shortly.
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