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  1. Just come up on my news feed. Southampton have agreed a £1.5 million fee with Manchester City for the 15 year old Bristol born Centre back. Anyone knew of Max background, he was playing for saints u18.
  2. Remember this is only training, same tonight.
  3. While have my breakfast this morning flicking though the sports channel came across the ELF greatest games. They were showing Leeds United v Bristol City 2018. Gosh we had a very good team then just three years ago. We went 0-2 up, but then Leeds turned it wup and it finished 2-2. So sad most of that side were sold on when you all know who decided profit was more important than success. Don't get me wrong i understand the need to work in line with the budget. But the heart was torn out of that side such a shame. Just watching that just reminded me of the sad facts. This season i am hoping for a mid table finish. Not long till the Blackpool game when the roller coaster season begins.
  4. Thanks for posting i enjoyed both of them.
  5. Good pen, should have played v Italy.
  6. Will we get on loan a u20/21 international like Tammy?
  7. They should wear what they feel comfortable in.
  8. I would think both managers will be pleased with a very good work out for both clubs.
  9. Yes i think that could be it.
  10. Is it just me, but i do not like the small numbers on the back of our shirts, big is good.
  11. Just ran up and back to the Rose bowl where Hampshire are playing Gloucestershire. Many years ago when i lived in Bristol i was always up the country ground to watch Gloucestershire. Sometimes to the imperial ground to watch Somerset. So it got me wondering which of the two do you City fans follow or may be another county.
  12. Could be our new captain. Very good signing.
  13. I enjoyed his dad playing for us, and enjoyed the interview. He was open and gave me some fresh info, new players next week, new membership in July and working on a pre season friendly at the gate. With him and Nigel working together i have got a even better felling about next season.
  14. Great defender, not a captain. Would suspect Nigel thinks the same. New captain from one of the new arrivals.
  15. That's made my day, like signing a new player. Andy has always been one of my favorite players. Wonderful news.
  16. And so another one goes to Ipswich Town and the gravy train.
  17. 1955/56 season cant remember first match. Seen some great highs, but also lots and lots on lows. City till i die.
  18. Would be good to see the new training facilities. Wonder why Portsmouth and Milton Keynes Dons?
  19. Yes it is very confusing just found this on Wikipedia re CD Atletico Baleares/FC Baleareas. alleares The 2019–20 season initially ran like the previous one. The team managed to place itself from the beginning among the first classified and held the leadership of the classification for much of the championship. But after the dispute on day 28 and being the leading team, on 11 March 2020 RFEF suspended the competition due to the pandemic of the COVID-19, first for two weeks[112] and then indefinitely. As a result of this fact, the club applicated of a Layoff to the entire staff;[113] subsequently, on 6 May Federation confirmed the completion of the regular league and the dispute of a simplified promotion phase that the team would play as champion of his group.[114] The team played the promotion against another group champion: FC Cartagena, in a single match with direct promotion at stake; but did not pass the tie (0–0 and 4–3 on penalties).[115][116] Thus, It was forced to play a second round, first against UE Cornellà; but fell defeated again (0–1) and definitively eliminated.[117][118]
  20. Well I've got a soft spot for both teams. Wanted FGR to go through, but hope Newport get promoted.
  21. Well mine Real Club Deportivo Mallorca have gained promotion from La Liga Smart bank to La Liga Santander. So back up with the big boys, last time they struggled and got relegated, despite a win over Real Madid and some good performances. So their good season gave me a little joy, during the season we had with City. How did your team do?
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