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  1. I agree. As to where we'd be without SL? Who knows. Personally, I'm looking forward to where we'll end up with Pearson running the team and Gould ably looking after the other stuff.
  2. I'd hope his private view is different to his public view. There was no need to share that opinion with us and I found it interesting that he chose to defend Ashton. I think from reading your posts you share a similar opinion to me on Ashton. Good man!
  3. What was interesting is SL still rated Ashton following his departure and had kind words to say. He destroyed everything good following our promotion season but the owner is unable or unwilling to acknowledge that. You are right about Pearson. I like how he is going about this season which is a big improvement on last year's disaster.
  4. David James was 40 odd. Some games I generally didn't realise he was actually in goal.
  5. gamon


    Bristol City has been going backwards for five years. The Jenga tower is falling down. Can Steve fix it? No idea, not looking good from where I'm sitting.
  6. This sounds like something I want in on. How do I get tickets to attend?
  7. Lansdown is blind if he thinks this team is capable of challenging the top six.
  8. Fcknuig hilarious what Lansdown has done here. Night before a big game, club in free fall and Lansdown decides to go on the radio to tell the world his head coach was a mistake!! Imagine being a child on your death bed dying of a deadly disease and moments before you pass your parents look you in the eye and say that you were a mistake anyway.
  9. You'll enjoy your day more if you don't watch it. Thank me next time.
  10. He well soon. Bloody good cook n all, nothing beats jaspers Jamaican cooking.
  11. Is the rest of this coming? Interesting reading, cheers
  12. He's been stitched up by the sounds of it... Based on the fuss I was expecting some serious gambling having taken place...
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