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  1. Sounds good. We can then take the pee out of all (both) the sags that turn up, for having one vision (tunnel).
  2. Perhaps we should all chip in to make some cards to help them out. I'll start by doing the number 1. If we can do it on A3 please, make sure the number fills most of the page, and then laminate it - that way they can use them a few times without them getting crumpled, or too dirty. I would say donate one or two of our old electronic boards, but they probably wouldn't have enough spare change for the meter to plug them in to charge them up.
  3. I could understand it if the end of the video was a shot of him running into the gents - just not sure why anybody would be filming it!! As has been said before - what a knob.
  4. Send in the goats - cheaper and more eco friendly......
  5. So Gas logic dictates that the majority of that event were RoverZzz who decided to follow some females. Doesn't sound dodgy at all does it.
  6. Probably sat at home on his computer at the time anyway the lieing bellend.
  7. Nobody is "happy" with form period, home or away. People are being realistic though, because the shower of the previous regime(s) left have set us back a few years. Pearson is being realistic on what he is saying and honest, something that has been missing for years, and is actually publicly saying things that some of us have thought/known for years. It's basically been said to not expect much this year because it's going to take a few years to get the squad sorted and capable of going for promotion. If it happens before then great, but don't expect to be pushing for the title this year! You are entitled to your own opinions, and nobody has any right to try and say that you're wrong in them. What doesn't help your case is that the majority of what you're posting lately is the same anti-Pearson crap over and over, and people are bored of it. You don't like the appointment, we get it. We don't like the overall performances but it's better than the crap of the past 18 months or so, and people can see the direction in which we are heading (or trying to get to).
  8. Doesn't have one. Just likes to be argumentative, and to be honest I'm surprised he's not mentioned Pearson doing a bad job on the original comment. Could start an argument in an empty room!
  9. Of course it is. Blame it on lack of sleep thanks to a 9 month old Same applies to Russell.
  10. Lando had a good race, did everything he could do and finished second. Bear in mind though that both Hamilton and Verstappen didn't finish. With Lando going to Mercedes next season, you'd have to assume he will be further up the grid on a more consistent basis due to having a better car at his disposal. Time will tell with him, but he does seem to be one of (if not the best) young drivers to come onto the scene for a long time. A couple of seasons with Hamilton (maybe) could only be a good thing for him.
  11. The gap was not there to go for, and Max had no business in even trying to force the move. Was he really expecting Lewis to just pull wide and go "oh alright then seeing as you're trying to push me wide, have the position". He gambled, came massively unstuck, and made himself look a bit of a cock, especially when he got out of the car and just walked off, without even checking that Hamilton was OK, despite seeing his car on top of the other. That in itself, shows that he knew he was at fault straight away.
  12. In their dreams. Pretty sure Scott would hand-wash shit stains out of underwear for free than take a job with that lot! As for Tins, yeah he'd probably give Scott a hand...
  13. Give any player time and space and they'll look good. Unfortunately in the past few years, the way we have set up allowed that to happen sometimes.
  14. If that's the case, then it certainly showed....
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