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  1. Joe Burnell scoring!? That's a scrap book moment if ever there was one in it's own right
  2. Should never have been changed. Think (happy to be corrected) that the u21s were introduced in the "hope" that attendances would pick up if someone like Crewe for example, drew Liverpool. It has had the opposite effect though, and fans are turning away, at least until the latter stages. So in that respect, nothing has changed. What it does show is that the youngsters at the bigger clubs, aren't actually that much better than your L1/2 players. The comment about testing the waters about introducing B teams into the leagues is probably pretty accurate tbf. Prem clubs just see it as another cash cow, but supporters at our level and below, see it as their bloated squads of players who aren't good enough for the top level, shouldn't be at those clubs in the first place. Younger players are starting to see the sense of going towards a lower placed club in the pyramid, and realising they can make a decent/better name for themselves as a first team player lower down, than a fringe player playing in the EFL/u21 tournament. Exceptions like Foden etc will obviously always come along though. Sickens me to say it, but I'd rather Rovers won the trophy than an u21 team ever winning it.
  3. Saw something over the weekend about him signing for someone as emergency cover, couldn't remember who it was. Good signing on a free, plenty of experience at this level. Good guy, best of luck of to him.
  4. My dad's claim to fame is that he used to do weightlifting with him.
  5. Pretty damning. Sags will say he's probably a City supporter and just saying it to get one over on him - probably put up to it by the rosy cheeked lady garden!
  6. What a *****. Many people on here have actually either been ill themselves through covid, or unfortunately have lost someone close to them. Personally we lost my father in law about a month ago, someone who didn't leave the house without a mask because he had a few different minor issues. He caught it, and it was awful seeing him deteriorate to the point where he was on one of the full breathing masks and maximum oxygen. We were then told to get to the hospital to say goodbye as we're taking him off the machine because there's nothing more we can do for him but make him comfortable. His funerals this Friday, and couldn't be any earlier because his wife then contracted it as a result of spending her final few hours with him. His youngest daughter has just last week had her first child, so we had to put the funeral back a bit longer. It's now actually the day after my sons first birthday. Nice to get 10 days off work? In probably trying to make yourself look funny, you've made yourself out to be a complete and utter anchor. Bell end.
  7. Just had an email to say last day today.
  8. Not if he's been hitting Mrs Barton about again *allegedly*
  9. He'll beat a not guilty verdict into every member of the jury if he has to.....
  10. Agreed. Not in the same category as the earlier stuff, but more of a return to the more classic maiden sound. Good solid album, and the writing on the wall has actually had a lot of good things said about it from non maiden fans as well.
  11. Great game from both of them, but Benarous looks like a player who is not afraid to play the dark arts of the game. There will be times he doesn't get away with it, but for far too long we have been soft, and naive. We finally look like we're starting to wise up a lot, and that alone will help to see out games, much like tonight. Yes Scott could have been sent off, but we could have had a penalty in the first half, I've seen them given.
  12. Probably thought they were going to Old Trafford.
  13. I wasn't a huge fan. Thought it was watchable - once. Probably never again. Think they tried to be too clever with it. The Original two I've watched over and over, a bit like Back To The Future.
  14. It's certainly going to get ugly if we don't get anything from this game, and to be fair I'd be amazed if we did.
  15. It's not been great since Adam Baker left. Mistakes can be made and errors missed, but sometimes it makes you wonder if it's the work experience kid pushing submit.
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