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  1. It’s you isn’t it, come on spill the beans.
  2. Not to be outdone....the others have announced.....well.....errr...new tarmac
  3. Good old Roy....sticking to his guns.
  4. Had the book delivered today, can’t wait to start reading it.
  5. Just a football loving alien who has consistently said Hughton is done and dusted.
  6. You say Hughton, I say Holden, you say Holden, I say Hughton....Hughton, Holden, Holden, Hughton....let’s call the whole thing off.
  7. Let’s hope we play them late in the season then.
  8. Roy De Alien still not giving up on Hughton.
  9. It does say it if you search. Not exactly hard to find either.
  10. TBF it’s been that way for a few years now.
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