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  1. Lansbury looks good, not sure what all the fuss is about
  2. Personally think that Palmer is one of the players who is playing well, can only see Pato making bench
  3. He’s not going to take no sh1r, if you don’t perform or are lazy then don’t expect to play again ! Love it
  4. Got to be able to have possession though, Jesus it’s like we are the away team, just try and hoof it up to the forwards... at least Lansbury’s passing is better but he’s too deep
  5. Pull an early goal back and then game will change
  6. But will he even want to stay, not based on results currently
  7. Lansbury keeps trying to find that killer pass, why can’t he just do a simple pass, he just keeps giving her ball away
  8. One thing is for sure, Ashton has been undermined by the big boss and that is purely because he can’t trust his decisions and required some urgency, I just hope we can afford NP for a full season and the demands he will expect
  9. My thoughts also, at that point we will end up with another novice manager
  10. Thanks SL , stepped in and got the best person available, just hope we can afford to keep him
  11. I feel more confident of the playoffs this season than I did last season now started to look up again rather than down. But after where we have come from happy with mid table as long as we keep Pearson for next season and it’s not just a temporary fix
  12. I do want a quick moan, the people that said stick with Holden or stick with him until end of the season. Please get out of that mindset otherwise you will ensure we really don’t progress. Our club was on a massive decline, it amazes me that you couldn’t see it.
  13. We have a pretty bad goal difference
  14. Superb ! Need a bit of luck, building confidence, just 7 from the playoffs now
  15. Not fit I’m guessing , why put him in the team if not able to play at 100%, NP stated this himself when referring to Pato
  16. Pre-match interview, it’s a different league to what we have been listening to in the past, explains everything in detail and very calm approach, looking forward to the future!
  17. Nahki Wells and Famara walking through their defence :laugh:
  18. Yes was thinking the same , forwards are suddenly playing
  19. A recorded interview, wasn't live
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