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Community Answers

  1. An absolute Gentleman. Hardworking and down to earth. RIP Sir. Xx The club surely has to recognise him now, properly.
  2. The game only looked lively after Scott came on.
  3. No idea. @TomF, one for you?
  4. RedM

    Season Tickets

    Thank you. Obviously I didn’t read that far . I probably miss out on loads of info and stuff by not reading my emails properly
  5. I’m always quite optimistic at the prospect of a new season, a fresh start and all that. Unfortunately I’ve been disappointed more years than not. My expectations aren’t that high generally but even then we often still fall short of what I would expect. This season I am confident due to Pearson, at last I think we have a Manager on par or better than other Championship clubs. I am not confident we have enough goal scorers throughout. Diedhiou hasn’t been replaced, we will miss his goals and his defensive work. He certainly had his faults, but he did make a contribution. We seem to have shored up the midfield and defence if all can stay injury free. Weimann returning along with Martin is good news but I still think we are a player or two down. Hopefully this will be solved before the window shuts and we will have a better measure of confidence then.
  6. RedM

    Season Tickets

    I’m wondering about that too. Are we missing out on something
  7. Depends if they want a couple of years worth of contract I guess. If they aren’t particular bothered if they play or not if it’s offered they will naturally sign.
  8. RedM

    Season Tickets

    Ours only arrived yesterday, so they are still filtering through
  9. Winning. OG. Correction, given to Jannah
  10. They have had staff isolating for the past week or so. They might return and be pinged again, which has happened before.
  11. Many sent out yesterday and are arriving today. Not seen this mentioned, just a heads up. Ignore if you are already aware.
  12. FAO @Riaz deadly adjective 1. causing or able to cause death. "a deadly weapon"
  13. Totally agree with you. I wonder how many will enjoy going back to normal at AG then go and hug elderly relatives or vulnerable others soon after. It seems a huge lunge to go from not even being able to attend matches for 16mths to no restrictions, just relying on peoples sense and goodwill. And lets me honest are emotional football fans generally the most level headed and reasonable people? As inconvenient as it maybe, it does seem to need some middle ground here.
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