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Community Answers

  1. Well I predicted 4-0, so not as bad as I expected!
  2. It’s Bermuda actually, and he has been here in the UK recently.
  3. Have WBA just made a 4th sub? EDIT: Now we are doing the same, Concussion subs?
  4. He jogged off quite quickly, not suggesting to me that he was injured or feeling unwell, unless he was running to the bathroom of course! To me players who run off when being subbed on the whole are out to show they aren’t injured and still have energy.
  5. I don’t think WBA are finished yet. Us on the other hand...
  6. They don’t know Mick McC has been sacked yet, citing him as ‘being under pressure ’
  7. What an odd game, it kicked off 90 minutes ago and we have only had one half. Best wishes to all who are ill or injured of course.
  8. But he *must* be good as we signed him from Chelsea. Fans took to him and instantly gave him a song, he can do no wrong. But yes look a bit deeper and he really hasn’t clicked here, under several managers now. Wasn’t he patchy during his loan at Swansea too, not holding down a place there either? He isn’t the sole reason we aren’t performing but I do believe your subs should be game changing, make an impression, or impact as they say in rugby. He only occasionally does that. Massive improvement needed.
  9. I had actually written my reply above before I read this. Uncanny or are you just predictable?
  10. How can you possibly say that. Time and time again people have posted information, yes information not rumour that went on to be proven fact. I expect also that many people out of respect for their sources don’t post everything they hear, I certainly don’t. But then again I don’t expect you to take what I say as fact, after all I don’t publish it on the OS.
  11. Yes it’s really a strange one. Couldn’t fault the effort and yes Baker I thought generally had a good game overall. I don’t meant this unfairly but I heard regarding injuries he has some kind of mental block in the past. Often he would take a knock and in his head he would immediately believe he couldn’t continue. This seems to have improved since to resigned for us as he seems to be completing more matches now. Just a hunch but maybe he had another mental block and made that rash challenge as the pressure of the lack of a home win got to him? I can’t really explain what I mean but some players cope with pressure better than others. I’m not saying he should have been subbed, far from it, but the subs we did make didn’t appear to take the pressure off our mentally or physically tiring players. We have no impact subs, to quote rugby.
  12. I’m surprised he hasn’t been able to get more out of the players, or is that really all some of them can give? Shoots of green seeing the youngsters come through and Massengo pre injury played better under him than previously. At any other club the manager will be under pressure, but that’s not our way rightly or wrongly.
  13. I think the answer to our striking problems is a player we don’t have. A Diedhiou type player would have given the defence some protection and given them something to worry about. We don’t have too many players who give the opposition any concern. It’s too easy to come here and dominate. That has to be addressed.
  14. I must have lowered my expectations, I didn't think we have been *that* bad.
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