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  1. I remember the days of fences and barriers well, it was horrible. Certainly didn't feel any safer being caged in and with such a restricted view. I watched many a game through railings and mesh. Then of course Hillsborough tragedy happened. This changed everything. On the whole fans had to sit and fences removed. As far as i can remember if you had seats grounds couldn't have fencing, people couldn't move to a better view unlike terracing. I see what people on other threads are saying about removing 10 rows of seats from use all round the pitches to make a barrier, but as I've said elsewhere clubs cannot financially lose out on thousands of pounds and where would hundreds of fans be moved to? And as I've also said many clubs like Luton and Bournemouth for example would have no crowd if they had to lose 10 rows! Also the Wembley horizontal fencing might work there with a huge run off, but most grounds cannot have a solid metal structure almost overhanging the pitch. You cannot even wrap it with padding as that totally defeats its purpose. I really hope that fences do not return. I hope the clubs are more strict about refusing entry to those that have obviously drunk to much. I've certainly seen fans get into away grounds being too drunk to function. But what can you do when as soon as people are inside clubs want to sell as much alcohol as they can to you. People shouldn't be going 3 to a toilet cubical, but can we police the toilets? 'Prevention' of a few has got to be a better road to go down than 'cure' of the masses? Oh and for the record, I love a joyous pitch invasion, but it has to be that and respect the other team. Let them get off and away without incident.
  2. Exactly. How many times do you see flash cars, speedboats, fantastic property etc siezed and find out its been purchased through drug dealing and money laundering.
  3. My understanding is the dealers at the bottom are paid with the substance, whatever it is. This keeps them loyal and 'functioning'. Once 'territory' is established it will never dry up at there is always someone to step in.
  4. Difficult one for the clubs financially. Would they be in favour of losing thousands of pounds for their biggest games of the seasons. What happens to fans who have a season ticket there, hundreds of fans cannot just be relocated elsewhere. I understand something has to be done. Thankfully we are not yet discussing serious injury or worse. But I don't think removing 10 rows of seats all around the ground is the answer, teams like Luton and Bournemouth would have no capacity left! I hate the idea of it but are we heading down the route of playoff matches being held at Wembley as well as the final. Or some other big, neutral, ground?
  5. Same as any other 'business' I guess. The higher up you go the more you earn and the less dirty you get your hands. Yes I agree Cocaine and alcohol almost certainly are used together. Cocaine adding an instant high which appears to make many of the users I've seen at away matches behave with a total disregard for anyone else and almost makes them think they are invincible. Generally I work with a much younger age group than myself. They really can drink to excess (when out socialising), they are pretty open about stuff but I don't know of any that have taken or are taking Coke. Weed, now that's a different matter, many are on that.
  6. I thought cocaine was meant to raise your heart rate, make you alert and edgy? I think they need to have a word with their dealer!
  7. I second this, and for future clarity for those who do not wish to discuss our former manager, any thread title that has 'LJ' in it is very likely to mean...well, you've guessed it (hopefully)
  8. Wasn’t there a survey a couple of months ago where toilets and fan areas of football grounds were swabbed and in just about every ground traces of coke were found? And yes, most away games you can spot the coked up idiots as they tend to spoil things for most decent fans.
  9. Ha ha I have no idea, I think I have lived a sheltered life
  10. Thank you. I’ll think I’ll leave it there. Through my previous work I came into contact with these people. After having my own children I decided to leave that career alone, as it really does mess with your mind. Having children just seemed to amplify it in my case. Not that you need to have children to be horrified, but in my case I couldn’t bring myself to work with them anymore.
  11. A couple of weeks ago we had a new girl start at work. I did something to help her and she gave me a hug. Yesterday I found out (at work) that she is Gay. So what should my reaction be (after reading some of the comments on this thread) if she tries to hug me again as a non gay female ( I hate the word straight, it implies that anything else is not right)? Should I recoil in horror, be afraid to work near her incase she touches me again? No, if she wants to hug me again as a thank you etc I would hug her back as she is a PERSON.
  12. What am I Googling? If I type MAP into the search bar I just get links to Google Earth etc! Maybe I just don’t need to know judging by people’s reactions.
  13. I agree. Controversial I guess due to the comfort many people get from religion, but the world (Humanity)would be a much better and peaceful place without it. It causes more conflict than it cures.
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